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The Nuvek is a Cardassian Galor Class vessel under the command of Gul Minessa. She is the first vessel of the Cardassian Union to be outfitted with slipstream technology.


  • Name: Nuvek
  • Registry: Rek Mah Ohk
  • Class: Galor Type-3
  • Commission: Gul Minessa
  • Armament: 4 Type-XI Phaser arrays
  • Category: Destroyer
  • Status: Destroyed

Service History

The Nuvek was originally commissioned in 2364 and served as border patrol for the Cardassian Union for many years. The ship did not have a notable career except as a work horse, the ship received the honor of getting prototype slipstream technology that had been purchased from a undisclosed civilian source.

In 2391, she activated her drives for the first time and vanished. After calculating her course and energy output, they narrowed her location to somewhere in the beta quadrant near a sector of space called Tempest. The Federation was asked to assist in the search.

The starship was found in the Orthica's Bane Nebula and had become embroiled in a diplomatic incident when her captain fired upon a Sunak vessel.

The vessel was destroyed in an ensuing fight against an alien attack that descended on the diplomatic meeting and her wreckage was seized and kept by the Sunak.