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We've had bartenders like Guinan and Quark, waiter Ben, you could argue a case for Kes and Neelix, Jake Sisko was a news reporter & writer, Garak was a tailor, Keiko O'Brien was a botanist & school teacher, Molly O'Brien, Nog, Jake Sisko, Kirayoshi O'Brien & Naomi Wildman were all kids...

Guinan - El-Aurian bartender in Ten Forward, the lounge aboard the USS Enterprise-D. Coming from a race of "listeners" her counsel proven invaluable many times.

Keiko O'Brien - Wife to famous Chief O'Brian folowed him from the time of their wedding aboard Enterprise-D where she worked as botanist, birth of their first child girl Molly O'Brien, move to Deep Space Nine, strugling as a primary school teacher in new enviroment and birth of their second child Kirayoshi O'Brien, carried and delivered by Mayor Kira Nerys, due to complications occured during shuttle accident.

Ben - Waiter working in Ten Forward. According to the script, Ben signed aboard a Starship for fun and adventure.

Jake Sisko - Child - son of Commander/Captain Benjamin Sisko, decided not to join Starfleet but to become Reporter and writer.

Garak - He's one of the most colorful characters aboard Deep Space Nine, owner of Garak's Clothiers on the Promenade, is known for his enigmatic and brutal past.

Quark - Ferengi, proprietor of Quark's bar on Deep Space Nine.

Nog - Child - Ferengi - Son of Rom, nephew of Quark and a friend to Jake Sisko who became first Ferengi in Starfleet.

Naomi Wildman - Ktarian/Human hybrid born and lived on the USS Voyager during its loss in the Delta Quadrant.

Kes - Ocampa who joined USS Voyager on it's way home. Kes volunteered to establish a hydroponics garden in cargo bay two in order to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to allow for more variety in meals for the crew.

Neelix - Talaxian merchant who joined USS Voyager on it's way home, serving as chef, morale officer, ambassador, navigator, and holder of many other odd-jobs.

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