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Cart'hen system Star  · I  · II  · III  · Belt  · IV

This mining colony is totally owned and operated by the Nor'anda Corporation. They actively seek out and recruit workers from far and wide. They offer to pay the cost of travel to Cart'hen III with claims that the worker can quickly pay off the debt and then earn excellent wages. In reality any workers who arrive become little more than indentured slaves. The cost to buy there food and then pay for rent in the company owned flop houses is more than they get paid. Every week they work finds then deeper in debt, with no hope or chance to pay the company back what they owe.

Every single building, shop and business is owned and controled by the Corporation. They control the police, communications, travel and the lives of all the workers. The saying is "Once here, you die here."

The surface complex is scattered over a 1/2 km of land. Here is the storage facilities for metal to be shipped off world and the warehouse's that hold the food, medicine, clothing, etc that the company sells to its workers. The main hospital complex, police facility plus living accomadations for all the supervisors, managers plus skilled workers are also on the surface.

The normal workers employed by the company all live below ground. Most never get to see the surface again unless they manage to escape into the surrounding desert.