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This article pertains to a subject of the Mirror universe.Mirror-universe.jpg

New Haven is a mythical ancient Betazoid Sanctuary in the form of a magnificent floating station located in or near the Betreka Nebula. It has remained untouched for eons and is the future of the few Betazoids who do not wish to be a part of the calamity of their universe. Betazoid culture here is much, much different than what would be expected. This sanctuary offers peace when there's none, and separation from the universe. Only an elite few know of its existence. It is one of the universe's best kept secrets, having never been touched by the Alliance's wrath.

The High Priestess of New Haven is Shinara.

Station Size

New Haven is 9,327 meters tall, not including the various antennas and towers that project out from both the top and bottom. It varies in width from 3,812 meters to 2,946 meters. It has 930 decks or levels. It can hold a maximum of 75,000 people at any one time.

Station Description

The station was constructed by the use of materials and sections from various other races and stations. Still even with all the varied sources for it's building material the final effect is still breathtaking. Somehow the builders were able to blend all the different sections together in a way that was both functional and stylish. The size of the station is a mystery because the deeper you go into the station the larger it gets. This makes sense but also does not make sense concerning the physics of the normal universe. The power supply for the stations is what might be considered 'perpetual' and without end.

Station History

The New Haven station was constructed over time using whatever materials they could aquire. This included dismanteling damaged space stations from over a dozen races. These stations were leftovers from the military expansion of the Alliance.

This allowed them to build the station in secret as no records could be found to show that they had aquired material that could be used to build the station.

New Haven's existence is often fueled by rumors and it is often believed to be a myth.

Search for New Haven

Former Empress of the Betazed Empire, Vaxa Ukinix, had dedicated resources to finding New Haven. However, Empress Keehani Ukinix stopped that search after she became Empress in the late 2390s, not believing in its existence.

After breaking her imprisoned lover Tidrid Chaxx out of the Idrustix prison colony, Rivi Ukinix fled the Empire and went in search of New Haven[1].


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