Keehani Ukinix (mirror)

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This article pertains to a subject of the Mirror universe.Mirror-universe.jpg
For the prime counterpart, see Keehani Ukinix.
Empress Keehani Ukinix, Matriarch of the Ninth Wing of (mirror) Betazed

Empress Keehani Ukinix is a Betazoid woman and resident of the mirror universe.

Her official titles are:

  • Mother Eternal of the Unified House of Betazed
  • Matriarch of the Ninth Wing of Betazed

The Ninth Wing is the largest and most ruthless Wing that heads the Unified House of (Mirror) Betazed.


Keehani's mother, who was in line to have been Matriarch, was murdered when Keehani was only three days old.

In 2396, at age 20 Keehani found that out her mother was murdered by her grandmother and then Ninth House Matriarch, Empress Vaxa Ukinix. She had Vaxa assassinated and then assumed the role of Matriarch of the Ninth Wing and Mother Eternal of the Unified Houses, making her Empress of Betazed. Keehani was the youngest ever recorded Matriarch – and by extension, the youngest ever Mother Eternal (though that title was a relatively recent addition to nobility after the fall of the Terran Empire).

Many of the other noble Wings had challenged Keehani’s ascendancy in her first year as Empress, but the loyal Ninth Wing Noble Guard had crushed each and every challenge.[1]