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For more biographical information about this individual, see: Roshanara Rahman.
Nadira aka Roshanara Rahman

Nadira is a Kriosian empathic metamorph who went missing in 2361. Born in 2356 on Krios Prime, young Nadira was sent to a royal village to be educated for her future life as a partner for a high member of Kriosian society. As the parents of an empathic metamorph--and a rare female metamorph at that--Nadira's parents were compensated greatly by the Kriosian government and given higher status in Kriosian society's caste system. Her mother Sana, already a teacher, was able to secure a job at the Kriosian Royal School for Metamorphs, eventually assuming the office of Headmaster. Her father became a successful businessman. Meanwhile, her sister Lateya was able to become a full-time artist, working as a sculptor.

At the royal village, Nadira met and befriended a fellow young metamorph named Jatann. She and the boy shared the same mentor. However, before Nadira's education could be completed, she went missing, presumably smuggled off of the homeworld by another member of the royal staff.

Decades later, Jatann became a member of the royal staff and was now himself responsible for educating the next generation of empathic metamorphs. In 2396, he was instructed by the Kriosian Sovereign Guard to investigate a new lead in the case of Nadira. His investigation ultimately led him to find Nadira's current identity: Roshanara Rahman.

Return to Krios Prime

When Nadira/Rahman returned to Krios Prime in 2397 to confirm her identity, her mother Sana revealed that it was in fact she who had arranged for her own daughter to be smuggled off the Kriosian homeworld. Her hope was that Nadira would be able to achieve a greater life than just that of a "perfect companion," as the rest of the empathic metamorphs had been destined to throughout history.

Although she initially hid her true relation to Nadira, Sana was proud to see that her daughter had been able to become a starship captain and asked her to stay with her on Krios Prime to help become an activist to change the role of metamorphs in Kriosian society.[1] Bound by the Prime Directive as a Starfleet officer, however, her daughter was not yet ready to resign her commission to get involved in an internal Kriosian matter after only one trip back to Krios Prime. Although disappointed, Sana respected her choice.[2]