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Jatann, a Kriosian and former empathic metamorph
Nadira aka Roshanara Rahman

Jatann is a member of the Kriosian royal staff. Among his duties is supervising the education of empathic metamorphs to prepare them for their roles as partners for high members of Kriosian society, a task he is particularly suited to as a former empathic metamorph himself.

Like the vast majority of Kriosian empathic metamorphs, Jatann is male. In 2360, Jatann's own mentor had been tasked with seeing to the education of a female metamorph named Nadira. Jatann and Nadira became friends in the short time that they knew each other. However, sometime in 2361, the young female metamorph went missing, smuggled off the Kriosian homeworld by another member of the royal staff.

Adult life

Jatann continued in his education to eventually be partnered with a high-ranking member of the royal court who later became the First Minister of the Kriosian Parliament. Once in adulthood, he completed the final stage of metamorphic development known as the finiis'ral, fully imprinting on his wife and losing his metamorphic abilities, although his empathic abilities remain. He lives at the Kaitaama Palace, while his wife maintains a separate residence closer to the Capitol. She also has two other non-metamorph husbands.[1]

In 2396, he was instructed by the Kriosian Sovereign Guard to investigate a new lead in the case of Nadira, the female metamorph who went missing 35 years ago. That investigation led him to Roshanara Rahman, who would later be identified as Nadira.

Reconnecting with Nadira

In 2397, he spent a great deal of time with Rahman/Nadira during her first trip back to Krios Prime since she'd left as a child. While trying to explain to her what it was like for an empathic metamorph in Kriosian society, he inadvertently triggered Rahman's metamorphic abilities to heal the extensive scarring she'd incurred from a major accident 14 years earlier.[2] Upon making the connection that it was his "ideal" of what she should be that had triggered her physiological reaction, Rahman confronted Jatann in anger and told him she never wanted to speak to him again.[3]