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Starfleet Officer's Handbook

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Awards ServiceRibbons Starship Commander.jpg
Starship Commander Ribbon: Awarded to an individual who has completed no less than one year of continuous service as a commanding officer. This ribbon recognizes those commanding officers who have served as masters of their vessels (or stations) for at least one year. It acknowledges the dedication and effort required of these officers to effectively lead their vessels and the stability they bring to a group by leading their crews through a year's tour of duty.
Awards ServiceRibbons DepartmentChief.jpg
Department Chief Ribbon: Awarded to an individual who has held the title of department chief for no less than 6 months. This ribbon signifies the important achievement of being in charge of a ship/installation's department for a period of time.
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon: Awarded to an individual who has graduated from Starfleet Academy.

Note: The Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon is the only exception to the non-shared nature of service ribbons between characters, authorized by the Academy Commandant. Upon graduation from cadet training, a simmer is permitted to display this ribbon on a secondary PC and any future primary PCs that would also have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

Maiden Voyage Ribbon.png
Maiden Voyage Ribbon: Awarded to an individual who has served in the first mission of a newly commissioned vessel or installation.
Legacy Ribbon.png
Legacy Ribbon: Awarded to an individual who has served during the reactivation and assignment of an existing vessel or installation to a new mission.
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