Starfleet Officer's Handbook

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Starfleet Officer's Handbook



Welcome to Starfleet

We've prepared this guide to help you get acquainted with how we do things around here. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask your mentor or the command staff.

Table of Contents

I: Life in the Federation

The document signed by each planetary member of the Federation
The Federation stardate system is very simple indeed
The chronological timeline, as according to the United Federation of Planets
Learn the difference between Kriosians and Trill
The non-Federation governing bodies and organisations
Useful for negotiations
How to locate your favourite shore leave destination

II: Life in Starfleet

About the Federation's Starfleet
The 32 general orders to be followed in all circumstances
How to address personnel aboard your ship
Responsibilities generally associated with each of the major ship divisions and positions
Presented to officers for acts of heroism
All documented starships

III: Officer's toolkit

Your basic encyclopedia
All documented equipment and technology
Find back-ups of your EMH

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