Mikhail Ivanov

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Mikhail Ivanov

Mikhail Ivanov is a 15-year-old Betazoid/Human boy. Born on in 2385, he is the son of Lidia Ivanova and Warsan Trem.

Going by his nickname of "Misha" for much of his early childhood, Mikhail's parents had been engaged when he was born on Betazed. His mother's Starfleet career and his father's work on Betazed soon took them in opposite directions. A year into his mother's assignment aboard the USS Pioneer, his parents separated in 2388. They agreed to split for the good of their child whilst they were both amicable. Mikhail subsequently lived with his aunt Karina (Lidia Ivanova's sister) in New Berlin, Luna for the next couple of years as his father's work required constant travel and his mother felt her life as a security officer aboard Starfleet's frontline ships was too dangerous a place to raise him.

In mid-2390, Mikhail finally reunited with his mother on the USS Mercury in the Menthar Corridor. Lidia had hoped that her assignment to a science ship would be a relatively safe one, but Mikhail's life had been put in peril aboard the Mercury and later the Galaxy class USS Garuda. The Garuda was one of Mikhail's favorite places growing up because of the many other children aboard and the dolphins.

In 2391, Mikhail's father Warsan decided to take up residence at Deep Space 10, also located in the Menthar Corridor, to spend more time with his son. Though the two parents' tempers flared in regards to Lidia's original decision to bring their child out to the frontier, Warsan eventually convinced Lidia to transfer to the station in mid-2391 as a compromise between her desire to remain in Starfleet and yet still provide a safe home for Mikhail where both she and his father could be an active part of his life. While Lidia and Warsan did not rekindle their romance, the two parents tried as best they could to provide a happy childhood for Mikhail aboard DSX and then later Astrofori One, a larger station also in the Menthar Corridor.

In 2395, Astrofori One was destroyed by the Tholians in the Battle of Astrofori One. His father resumed the frequent travel that his job required, and Mikhail and his mother returned to Earth, where she began a long-term leave of absence to focus on raising him.

Childhood Friends

  • Saavok, the son of Dr. Saveron, chief medical officer of the USS Garuda. Close in age, Saavok and Mikhail became fast friends aboard the Galaxy class starship.
  • Tasnim Shandres, the adopted daughter of Roshanara Rahman. With their mothers' being good friends (having served together on the Pioneer), Mikhail met "Taz" while she lived on the USS Invicta and he lived on Astrofori One. As a teenager, Taz babysat Mikhail a few times.