Merce Ekal

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The following information refers to a possible future revealed in the USS Veritas mission "Flashpoint".
Merce Ekal

Doctor Merce Ekal is a Coverian based on Cait. He is the fiance of Ayden Blake.

Following incursion on his home planet by Breen forces, Merce heads to the "safety" of a major Federation world. He starts practicing medicine on Betazed, meeting his future fiance (a patient at the time) in 2464, referred to him by a noble Betazoid House. After several months of courtship on Jhalib's part, Merce gives his case to a fellow colleague, and the two begin a serious relationship.

Six years into their relationship, Merce and Jhalib become anxious about rumors regarding an impending attack on the Betazoid homeworld. They migrate to Etamoa V, a small and out of the way M class planet, and adopt an infant Mazarite girl, naming her Nairen.

Jhalib becomes eager about a work opportunity in 2477, and leaves Merce and Nairen for the better part of a year. Frustrated, and finding a suspicious name in the Federation Identification Archives from decades prior, Merce confronts Jhalib about his true identity - to which Jhalib explains himself and his position at the TIC. The two manage to work through a frustratingly confusing argument, and reconcile. Merce decides to then move to Cait to be with Jhalib. They become engaged to marry shortly after.

When Jhalib's medical condition begins to deteriorate faster than expected, Merce again expresses frustration at Jhalib's never-ending determination to change their way of life and his continued ignorance of his doctor's advice.