Nairen Ekal

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Nairen Ekal was a budding 21 year old Mazarite fiction writer.

With the Mazarite homeworld of Mazar annexed by the Tholian Assembly, many Mazarite children such as Nairen were left to be adopted by sympathetic families throughout the quadrant. Nairen was adopted while just an infant, and grew up in a surprisingly steady home on Etamoa V with parents Merce Ekal and Ayden Blake.

Though somewhat oblivious to the perils that awaited her people outside the safety of the Etamoan borders, Nairen matured quickly. She would gain a deep interest in fiction when her father's work took them away from the relative safety of Etamoa V to Cait - here, her family's connection to the Twentieth House of Betazed would prove beneficial when she is accepted into a professional writing course with a letter of recommendation from Caslo Eislas.

She gathers a reader following at age 20 when one of her works receives high praise at Cait's Spacial Fiction Community Festival, but for reasons unknown, Nairen declines to attend the festival.

Nairen Ekal's life is erased from time when Jhalib Ekal changes the course of history and saves the USS Veritas from destruction.