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Real Life information

I work as a stucco plasterer in Missouri and Arkansas. I enjoy to read, camp, and fish.

How you came to UFOP: SB118

I grew up with a father who loved Star Trek, so I remember watching it over and over while growing up. After I moved out I stopped watching tv all together. 3 years later I moved in with my girlfriend, and started watching it again. Because of that, I wanted to play a Star Trek game, but I was broke, and couldn't afford any fancy games. I found a link to UFOP: SB118 after a while and loved what I saw. So now I'm here.


  • When my character Sepek first graduated from the academy he was assigned to the USS Vertias. I was nervous at first, and was shy in my sims. I was welcomed onto the ship and began to feel more comfortable.
  • Sepek has began to prove himself to his crewmembers and achieved the rank of Lieutenant JG. Hopefully he will continue to rise in the ranks.
  • On the second mission Sepek earned a captains commendation by flying a shuttle back to the Vertias while the other officers were incapacitated.