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Phaser Array

A phaser array is an arrangement of phaser emitters located in strategic areas of a starship, space station, or other vessel. During the firing sequence of some ship-mounted arrays, phaser energies would travel along the emitter strip and converge at the best position for targeting.

The Avandar has 11 Type X Phaser Arrays. The output of these is 66,000 Gigajoules.

  • Saucer: 3 Dorsal Surround Strips, 3 Ventral Surround Strips
  • Engineering: Aft Port Dorsal, Aft Starboard Dorsal, Ventral, 2 Aft Pylons

Torpedo Systems

Torpedo launcher or torpedo bank is a common term for systems that deploy projectiles such as torpedoes.

The Luna class carries 150 Mk. VII Photon and 50 Mk. I Quantam torpedoes and is equiped with three Type II Burst Fire Quantum Launchers, two forward and one aft. The two forward are located on Deck 8 near the deflector dish and the aft launcher is located in the rear of the sensor pod.

Shield Array

Shields operate by creating a layer, or layers, of energetic distortion containing a high concentration of gravitons around the object to be protected. On starships the shield contains six sections: forward, starboard, port, aft, dorsal, and ventral. Shield energies can be emitted from the ship's navigational deflector.

Neither matter nor highly-concentrated energy can normally penetrate a shield. When shields are up at a high level, most matter or energy that comes into contact with the shields will be harmlessly deflected away. This is important in starship combat as shields are essential for hull protection. When the shields are up, only minor hull damage is inflicted during combat.

Continuous or extremely powerful energy discharges can progressively dissipate the integrity of a shield to the point of failure. Shield capacities vary according to many variables, from the power available to environmental concerns, making definitive and universal calculations of how much damage they can take difficult to estimate. Therefore, during combat, tactical officers continually report on shield strength, usually as a percentage of total effectiveness with 100% meaning that the shields are at full capacity and lower percentage scores indicating weaker shield conditions.

Specific sections of the shield grid can take more damage than other sections and be reinforced with additional power reserves, so tactical officers report on the health of the shields by section if need be. Shields are said to be "holding" if damage is not sufficient enough to allow a compromise; if the shields are "buckling" or "failing," then a total loss of shield protection is imminent.

The shields on the Avandar are Eta 8/E Class with a recharge rate of 30TJ per second with 30% damage absorbed. The total shield strength is 175.5 Terajoules