Lightside Station/Leviathan Orchid

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A rough a tumble sort of place where patrons come all across the Wilds to play the games, see the attractive people, be treated like royalty, and make the deals they'd rather not make at their ships. Run by Irel Ehaita, a middle age Betazoid woman who demands courtesy and, a cut of the deals brokered in her establishment.

At least 50 meters on each side and roughly square space has a large pit containing multiple Dabo wheel and other dice and wheel games and surrounds them with table games such as Dom-Jot. The upper area is devoted mostly to card games and private rooms where the games are un-regulated and patrons are left to their own devices, provided they mind their manners.

Lightside Station NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Gender Current Post Posted By
Leviathan Orchid
Irel Ehaita Betazoid female Owner General