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Crew of the USS Gemini


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  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Commanding Officer
  • Ship: USS Gemini
  • Rank: Commander
  • Race: Human

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  • DoB: 236401.05
  • Height: 6'
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Birthplace: Tycho City, Luna


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Liam Frost is the Commanding Officer of the USS Gemini

Vital Statistics

  • Full name: Liam Andrew Frost
  • DOB: 236401.05
  • Age: 32
  • Place of Birth: Tycho City, Luna
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Height: 6' (1.83M)


  • Parents:

Father: Trevor Frost
Mother: Serena Frost

  • Siblings

Brother: Tyson Frost (DOB: 236509.27)
Sister: Elizabeth Frost (DOB: 236509.27)


Liam Frost was born in Tycho City, Luna. His father, Trevor, was civilian engineer working to maintain the power grid. His mother, Serena, was a teacher at John Glenn High School, also in Tycho City. Liam developed a fascination with flying at a young age after watching a demonstration by Nova Squadron. During high school, Liam considered gaining a civilian pilot's license but, knowing he would have difficulty simply hauling cargo within the Sol system, he decided that Starfleet would afford him a better opportunity to see the galaxy with his own eyes.

Liam entered Starfleet Academy at age 19, majoring in Spacial Dynamics and Astrophysics. During most of his Academy years, Liam rarely stood out academically, though he rarely fell behind either. His love of flying led him to try out for Nova Squadron, but his grades were insufficient to allow him to become a full member. What most people remembered him for was his brash nature and his charisma. His attitude endeared him to many of his professors and classmates, and earned the scorn of many more. One professor was heard to comment that Liam could have been near the top of his class had he relied more on his skill rather than his charm, and one female classmate declared that he had the charm of a young James Kirk (though, she later claimed, only because she lost a bet to him). During his examinations, Liam's confidence was often mistaken for outright arrogance, occasionally to the detriment of his marks.

Regardless of his issues in the Academy, Liam graduate from the Academy with reasonable marks, and was posted to his first assignment, the USS Victory, on stardate 238711.04 as a part of the Victory's tactical department. Although it was not his first choice of assignment, the fact that he was on a deep space assignment on a well reputed ship was enough to hold him. Fate, however, had slightly different plans. During the Victory's mission to the Azure Nebula, Ensign Stella Essarion was severely injured and upon their return to Starbase 118, Liam was tapped to take over the position he had wanted from the start, the helm of a starship.

On stardate 238807.08, after several successful missions aboard the Victory, the crew was reassigned to take command of Starbase 118. This presented a unique problem, as well as a unique opportunity for Liam. With Lt. Orman on medical leave, the base was lacking a Security Chief. Lacking a ship to navigate, Liam was asked by Captain Jaxx to take over the Security and Tactical departments aboard he station. n keeping with his new found attitude of going where he was needed, he put the needs of the station above his own desires and accepted. despite his initial reservations, Liam found himself thriving in the position, and no one was more surprised than he was. His abilities and determination were put to the test during the Scarlet Brotherhood incident, in which the station was the subjected to a terrorist attack.

After taking part in the successful defense and creation of the Thracian Alliance, Captain Andrus Jaxx was asked by Starfleet Command to take command of a newly commissioned vessel, the USS Apollo. Seeing the dedication displayed during his tie on the Starbase, Captain Jaxx promoted Liam to the Rank of Lieutenant Commander, and asked him to take the position of First Officer of the Apollo. this put Liam in an unusual position. He was eager to take on the new challenge, but was hesitant to leave behind Cayden Adyr, a Trill woman with whom Liam had fallen in love. But her position as a civilian, and the experiences of one of her previous hosts, Captain Alaryc Adyr, combined with a favour on the part of captain Jaxx, Cayden was given a position alongside of Liam on the Apollo.

From the Bridge of the USS Apollo, Liam gained his first proper experience as a command-level officer. As an advanced multi-mission capable vessel, the Apollo was initially tasked with exploring the Typhon sector, a notorious area of space. But Liam's first test would come before they even arrived at their area of operation. Along the way, the Apollo encountered an Altoran freighter commanded by a man with a notorious reputation for smuggling and other assorted misdeeds. An away team, led by Liam, boarded the craft, ostensibly to help the freighter crew solve a warp reactor failure. While there, the away team discovered the remains of a Borg scout ship in the freighter's cargo hold. The remains were seized, and the Freighter was sent on it's way.


  • 238711.04 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
  • 238711.06 - Assigned as Tactical Officer, USS Victory
  • 238711.26 - Reassigned to Helm Officer, USS Victory
  • 238803.23 - Promoted to Lieutenant (JG)
  • 238807.08 - Reassigned to Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Starbase 118
  • 238807.08 - Promoted to Lieutenant
  • 238901.30 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
  • 238902.04 - Named First Officer, USS Apollo
  • 238910.25 - Promoted to Commander
  • 239001.03 - Resigns as First Officer, named Deputy Director of Intelligence (Typhon Sector)
  • 239101.31 - Named Commanding Officer, USS Gemini
  • 239107.17 - Promoted to Captain
Career Overview
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ens-Gold.png Ensign 238711.06 -238711.26 USS Victory Tactical Officer
01-Ens-Red.png 238711.26 Helm Officer
02-LtJG-Red.png Lieutenant JG 238803.23 - 238807.08 Chief Helm Officer
02-LtJG-Gold.png 238807.08 - 238807.08 Star Base 118 Chief Security & Tactical Officer
03-Lt-Gold.png Lieutenant 238807.08 - 238902.04
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg Lt. Commander 238902.04 - 238910.25 USS Apollo First Officer
05-Commander-Red.jpg Commander 238910.25-239001.03
05-Commander-Black.jpg 239001.03 - 239101.31 Director of Intelligence
05-Commander-Red.jpg 239101.31 - 239107.19 USS Gemini Commanding Officer
06-Captain-Red.jpg Captain 239107.19 - Present

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