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Leo Handley-Page is co-proprietor of the Plaza Caglia Bar and Restaurant in Ravensville. He runs the establishment as a bar by night.

Co-owner of the town’s Bar/Restaurant, Plaza Caglia. His business partner is Jyoslav Strus and together they own and run the venue which acts as a restaurant during the day and serves as a bar in the evening.

Leo has a great, jovial personality that welcomes everyone into the premises. He has quite the reputation for enjoying a good drink and good company. Tough as old boots he and his bouncer Pavlova are more than capable of turning any trouble makers out onto the street for collection by the local police.

He is famed by the townsfolk for his participation in the bar’s karaoke evenings; his rendition of My Way has been moved from show opener to last orders due to its effect on the punters.

A former soldier with the British Army in his youth, Leo had moved to the States following a dishonourable discharge due to a misunderstanding with the Colonel of his regiment at the time, and also to escape a stream of his creditors. He started to find his drinking was getting out of hand, but was managing to hide it so far.

The Caglia was a target recently during the riot that swept through Ravensville in protest at the asylum's presence. Leo, a former soldier, went to defend his establishment from the mob. The police were called to assist and in the commotion a rioter pulled a gun and prepared to fire at Leo. However a brave young police officer, Eyas Wulfantine, managed to push Leo out of the way but died from the resulting hail of bullets. This had a marked effect on Leo, causing him to drink more heavily.

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