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The Asylum




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A small market town with little by way of amenities or entertainment other than its notorious asylum, Ravensville is drab, dreary and grim. It is home to a population of 4,238 inhabitants, all of whom live in the asylum's shadow. In the grip of winter, as it is now, almost everything is grey, save for the few houses who have decided to decorate their homes early for the festive season.

Located in the mid-west of the United States of America, Ravensville is effectively in the middle of nowhere. In theory, this should have helped the populace to knit into a closely knit community. In practice, however, it has divided into several tightly-knit cliques. Those that work in the hospital, police force, Plaza Caglia restaurant and bar and Kael's Garage tend to meet and socialize with each other on occasion, but they rarely spend time with anyone outside of that social group.

The chief of medicine at the asylum, Dr. Diego Herrera is widely regarded as a community leader and has been since his arrival in the town almost a year ago.