Leigha Jacobs

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Leigha Jacobs


  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Former Commanding Officer
  • Ship: USS Caledonia
  • Rank: Captain
  • Race: Terran
  • Spouse None

  • DoB: 235109.18
  • Weight: N/A
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown


  • Silver Palm
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Leigha Jacobs is the former CO of USS Caledonia and the USS Ithaca.


  • Born: Stardate 235109.18
  • Place of Birth: Portland, Oregon, Earth
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Terran
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Telepathic Status: Unknown**

Note- Although Jacobs was born and raised a Terran, her maternal grandmother was a full Betazoid. On Stardate 237508.31, Jacobs was stabbed by a dagger coated with a Dominion poison. The affect was stimulation of her underdeveloped paracortex, the part of the brain that Betazoids use to communicate telepathically, which is a carryover from her "diluted" Betazoid genes. This resulted in elementary empathetic abilities surfacing. To date, Jacobs telepathic/empathetic abilities are limited to being able to only sense the emotions of those she has been around long enough to become familiar. What future growth and subsequent abilities may develop is unknown as little information is documented about the poison to which Jacobs was exposed.


  • Father: Matthew Thomas Jacobs
    • Born: Stardate 232106.06
    • Career: Civilian Astrophysicist (Contacts with Starfleet)

  • Mother: Sara Lynn Marran Jacobs
    • Born: Stardate 232704.30
    • Career: Medical Doctor; Holds rank of admiral in Starfleet. (Has been an instructor at Starfleet Academy & now currently serves as an administrator at Starfleet Medical)
    • Couple Married: Stardate 234701.28

  • Siblings:
  • Sister: Michelle Samantha Jacobs Torrea
    • Born: Stardate 234712.19
    • Deceased: Stardate 237512.22
    • Career: Starfleet Commander- First Officer of the U.S.S. Rhea
    • Marital Status: James (Jim) Torrea
    • Couple Married: Stardate 237005.16
    • Children:
    • Rachel, Born: Stardate 237202.12
    • Lynn, Born: Stardate 237410.04

  • Brother: Michael (Mike) Jason Jacobs
    • Born: Stardate 234910.10
    • Career: Civilian Microbiologist
    • Marital Status: Engaged Stardate 237611.16, No Children
    • Fiancee: Daryn Elizabeth Relar

  • Brother: Brian Daniel Jacobs
    • Born: Stardate 235508.07
    • Deceased: Stardate 235906.17
    • Spouse: None
    • Children: None

Physical Appearance

Jacobs has dark drown hair that has a natural waviness to it. She varies how it is cut and styled. Typically, Leigha sports a haircut which allows her hair to fall just below her shoulders in length. However, sometimes she prefers to have her hair cut so that it falls above her shoulders. While on duty, it is normally styled into a French braid. Her eyes are a deep green, the color of emeralds. While standing at approximately 5' 7", most of her muscle strength is in her long legs making her ability to move quickly possible.


During her childhood, Jacobs was quiet and introverted. However, as she has grown older, she has developed somewhat of a more relaxed attitude about life. Leigha has come to favor very cynical perspectives on most things in life. As such, she has a very sarcastic sense of humor. This sarcastic behavior also acts as a compensation for feelings of insecurity that Jacobs has due to several personal relationships that she has had throughout her lifetime. While she is a very, dutiful, loyal, and responsible individual, she is above all persistent. Jacobs very rarely gives up at anything she attempts as she likes to see things through to their natural resolution.

Jacobs can also be very defensive. This often results in most people viewing her has hard to get close to in any other manner than very casual friendship. As such, Jacobs has developed a sense of independence and self-sufficiency.

Jacobs enjoys a good joke,and often encourages levity in those she is around. Her acerbic personality combined with a wicked sense of humor has lead to Leigha being infamous for her practical jokes. Although Jacobs believes in following the rules and regulations that are necessary for life to run in an orderly manner on a daily basis, she does not favor many formalities. She sees them as a waste of time and as such too unproductive to observe.

  • Preferences:
  1. Jacobs tends to favor using her right hand.
  2. Favorite beverage is Terran Lemonade.
  3. Favorite flowers are orchids and bluebells.
  4. Favorite color is blue.
  5. Jacobs main hobby is collecting old manuscripts and books from Ancient Earth. Studying and reading about the ancient history of Earth is one of her passions, especially the classic myths, legends, and folklore of those cultures.

Personal History


  • Born Leigha Elizabeth Jacobs in Portland, Oregon, Earth.
  • At age 6, mother decided to resume her Starfleet career by serving as CMO on the U.S.S. Pathfinder under family friend Captain Eric Meredith- This caused deep feelings of abandonment to be felt by Leigha leading to insecurities that she tries to compensate for with her somewhat sarcastic and creative sense of humor.
  • Maternal grandmother Melora Grislan Marran, a Betazoid, came to live with the family and served as a surrogate mother for Leigha once her mother rejoined Starfleet on active duty. (For most of Leigha's life, although she did not possess any official telepathic/empathic abilities, Leigha often experienced strong instincts and feelings that were attributed to her grandmother's genealogy, especially concerning those to whom she was close.)
  • Much of Leigha's childhood was spent in several different places. During her early life, she lived in Oregon with her father and siblings at her father's family home. Later, her father went to work at a science institute on Mars. After spending some time there, Leigha moved with her grandmother to Betazed for several years.


  • Youngest sibling, brother Brian, died on a family vacation to Australia- The boy drowned when Leigha was supposed to be watching him, but she had been distracted by friends and he had wandered off into deep water before she noticed he was gone. By the time Leigha brought him back to shore, it was too late for her to do anything as she did not know any first aid procedures. (This led to a great feeling of guilt for the boy's death that is a source of great pain for Leigha. She keeps it very well hidden, despite the fact that it was a main driving force in her life to become a doctor to make sure that she was never in such a helpless position again. Also, although Leigha loves children, she is afraid of having a family of her own because of her negligence when Brian had been entrusted to her.)
  • Leigha's mother transferred from the Pathfinder to an administrative job at Starfleet Medical to be closer to home to be able to spend more time with her husband and children. This led to her holding a liaison job at an annex of the Daystrom Institute on Galor IV, where the family lived briefly.
  • Several years later, Leigha's mother, known by her maiden name of Sarah Marran in Starfleet, resumed duties on the USS Pathfinder under Captain Meridith, working a top secret project for Starfleet. Leigha returned to Betazed to live with her grandmother. There, she helped her grandmother Melora start a successful restaurant where all the food was cooked from real food instead of replicators. It was here that Leigha learned how to cook among other culinary arts.
  • Entered medical school and lived in San Francisco with her older brother while attending. She had aspirations of eventually joining Starfleet--during her time of study, Leigha briefly worked with her mother onboard the Pathfinder as a part of a research team working on Project Code Name Gamma Epsilon Theta Fire. (Also known as the Gamma Epi Project or G.E.T. Fire Project) Following completion of the project, Leigha did an internship on Delos IV at the medical facilities there.
  • Graduated fifth in her class and was accepted into the program at Starfleet Academy
  • Awarded the esteemed Asculapius Medal of Excellence for bravery during a training mission where Jacobs saved several wounded peoples' lives. She pulled them from the wreckage of a shuttle crash. Being the sole doctor there, Leigha administered the medical treatment necessary to save their lives.
  • While a student at Starfleet Academy, Jacobs met Jack Rapport after saving his life in the above mentioned training mission. Surviving the shuttle crash together, Jacobs and Rapport became fast friends. Although the couple stayed together for over two years, and were at one time engaged, Jacobs later broke off the relationship in order to pursue her own career in Starfleet.

Professional History


  • Graduated Starfleet Academy and promoted to Ensign.
  • During a mission to the Chamra Vortex Belt, Jacobs found out that research she had done on the Gamma Epi Project as a young student was being brought to the surface again. Classified records were revealed to show that the research team had been designing a weapon to halt the Borg assimilation process. The prototypes were known as Resistance Nanoprobes. This technology had been modified and used in the crews of two ships assimilated at Wolf 359, and the Arizona was involved in rescuing survivors found in the Chamra Vortex Belt.


  • While aboard the Indria, Jacobs became close friends with Commander Sally Strange. Around the same time, Jacobs also developed a special friendship with Commander Allen O'Malley.

237507.04 - Promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant.

237508.12 - After the Indria had been hijacked by Romulan renegades, Jacobs had been apart of a team to retake the ship. During that mission, Leigha suffered numerous wounds. The rebel Takar, a Dominion changeling, was responsible for inflicting the most injuries. One of the daggers that Takar used to stab Jacobs had been coated with a special Dominion poison. It caused several health problems, almost ending Leigha's death. However, after suffering from a bout of amnesia, it was revealed that growth in Jacobs' paracortex had been stimulated resulting in the lost memories. Empathetic powers developed; to what extent they will result in is unknown. Although large gaps in Jacobs memory occurred, especially concerning the most recent events in her life, most of her recollections have since been recovered.

237508.30 - Later, during Jacobs' tenure on the Indria, she again encountered Rapport. Serving as the executive officer on Starbase 4, Rapport had attained the rank of commander. However, crooked dealings involving corrupt Starfleet officials and Dominion operatives had led Rapport to become a dishonest Starfleet officer. Committing treasonous acts, Rapport was indirectly responsible for the destruction of Starbase 4. He also assaulted Commander Allen O'Malley after which he kidnapped O'Malley and Jacobs. Hoping to convince Jacobs to run away with him, Rapport was unsuccessful in his attempts. Refusing to let Jacobs and O'Malley return to the Indria alive, as he was threatening O'Malley's life, Jacobs was forced to take action. The result was Rapport's death at Jacobs' hands. Ruled by an initial board of inquiry as justifiable homicide, no further actions or investigation has been since carried out.

237509.28 - Having been recommended for promotion by then Captain Shaun Marlin, Jacobs subsequently took the commander's exam. Scoring a perfect 100% on the written portion of the exam, Jacobs consequently passed the practical exam and was approved for promotion to full commander.

237510.22 - Promoted to the rank of full Commander.


  • Due to personal issues, Jacobs left the Indria after having requested and been granted a leave of absence.
  • Jacobs returned to active duty when she accepted command of the USS Ithaca.

237512.22 - Older sister Michelle Torrea was murdered by the terrorist Jallayne when she had her throat slit. Torrea died instantly while in the line of duty.


  • While aboard the USS Ithaca, Commander Jacobs was ordered to rendezvous with the USS Freedom-A. Under the command of Captain Sandolphan Aquiss, the Freedom-A and the Ithaca were to engage in a series of war games. However, Captain Aquiss kidnapped Commander Jacobs aboard the Ithaca after transporting all hands to the Freedom just as the games were to begin. On the crewless ship, Aquiss subsequently infected Jacobs with psionic beings from another dimension. Although Jacobs was aware of what was going on, the psionic beings took control of her body and thus her actions. As the Freedom chased the Ithaca, a subsequent telepathic bond was developed between Aquiss and Jacobs that heightened Leigha's growing telepathic abilities. During a rescue attempt by Ithaca crew, Jacobs was purged of the psionic beings after enduring several phaser wounds as inflected by then Ensign Rachel Daninburg.
  • With the purging of the psionic beings, several medical complications had ensued. It was not until after all was said and done that medical personnel realized that Jacobs had suffered a miscarriage. The second time she had lost a child, Jacobs had not even been aware that she had been pregnant until the time of her loss. Still a deep source of pain, due to this painful event, Leigha has resigned herself to the fact that she believes fate does not want her to ever be a mother. Due to her extreme sense of guilt over the subject, Jacobs still has not told the father of her child that she had even been pregnant let alone lost the baby. Using her rank and position in Starfleet, Jacobs has since purged any mention of her miscarriage from official Starfleet

237602.06 - Upon returning to Starbase 118, Jacobs was informed by Fleet Captain Elinor that she had received transfer orders. A starship that she had helped design was to be commissioned with her as the commanding officer. In a ceremony on Starbase 118, the Prometheus class USS Caledonia was commissioned by Captain Elinor. Commander Jacobs was subsequently promoted to the captaincy of the Caledonia.

237603.28 - At the recommendation of Commodores Shaun Marlin and Sierra Randor, Fleet Captain Elinor administered the written portion of the Captain's Exam to Commander Jacobs. Leigha subsequently successfully completed the exam with a 100% passing rate.

237604.31 - Jacobs was awarded the Silver Palm Medal at the recommendation of Commodore Shaun Marlin.

237609.25 - Officially promoted to the rank of captain while the Caledonia docked at Starbase 251 with Admiral Jaris O'Conor presiding over the ceremony.

237609.30 - Under the orders of Starfleet Admiral Johnston Haverly, Jacobs was ordered to turn temporary command of the USS Caledonia over to her first officer, Commander Valarious McGregor. Ordered to take part in a covert ops mission, Jacobs whereabouts are currently unknown.

237612.13 - Dr. Leigha Jacobs was assigned as a medical consultant by Starfleet Medical to assist with a series of negotiations held aboard the USS Excalibur-G under the command of Captain Alexander VonGrippen. During the talks it was revealed that Jacobs had previously been ordered to lead a medical relief effort of a massacred Romulan base, Ger'Taken V. The influence of her nemesis, Admiral Tristan Wolf, had caused Jacobs to be selected for the assignment causing her removal from active command so as to take part in the covert operations mission. The Romulan outpost had been massacred in a skirmish between the Cardassians and Romulans following the end of the Dominion War. As to the nature as why the relief mission was classified, further information is not available. All that is known is that following the covert ops mission, Jacobs spent time on Earth in therapy. Meanwhile, her previous command, the USS Caledonia, was put into drydock at Starbase 118 with her crew reassigned.