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San Aquiss is former XO of Starbase 118 Ops.


  • Name: Sandolphan “San” Aquiss
  • Birthdate: 7111.11
  • Place of Birth: Canberra, Australia, Earth
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: ½ Betazoid ½ Vulcan
  • Hair: Black, very long, kept plaited
  • Eyes: Black
  • Height: 6’6”


  • Mother: Ariella Aquiss
  • Father: T’nev

  • Siblings:
    • Gabriel (half sister 7310.03) Federation Diplomat
    • Duma (half brother 7608.08) Medical Practitioner

  • Spouse: None
  • Children: Biological father of best-friend’s son : Nathaniel Erikson (9503.31)

Family History

The nicest way San ever heard his conception described was “as a result of happenstance”. The child of two diplomats, one of Betazed, the other of Vulcan. It was, as San’s mother muses; an unlikely pairing.

Unsurprisingly, San’s mother soon tired of her fiercely logical and emotionally bland partner; and parted amicably. She was however, pregnant. San’s father accepted San’s birth, and did not attempt to intervene when Ariella (San’s mother) decided to raise her son on Earth and Betazed. San has seen him occasionally, and is sure that he cares for him - as much as any vulcan parent loves their children, but he has not played a prominent role in San’s life. At every meeting San’s father has invited him to submit to the kolinahr, San has found his resolve waning under the pressure of his curiousity, but has yet to take his father up on his offer.

Personal History

As his mother held a great love for the myths of terran angels, he was named for Sandolphan one of the greatest of the angels and chief protagonist of Samael (Satan). As soon as he could he shortened his name to San.

San led a very hectic childhood. As her eldest child, San accompanied his mother from one end of the Alpha quadrant to the other (with the occasional trip to the beta quadrant). From very early on he wanted to know the answers. This led to a passion for mysteries and science.

Often described as a Betazoid trapped in a Vulcan body, San is his mother’s son emotionally (and psionically), and physically his father’s (typically vulcan - physically powerful and durable). Growing up in the diplomatic core, San grew close to the daughter of Ariella’s aide (a human man named Harold Erikson); Katherine. Becominging life-long best friends, San and Katherine were often at the centre of any choatic upheaval in the lives of their parents.. Katherine is closer to San than any of his blood-kin.

Both Katherine and San were sent to earth for primary and secondary education. Both decided to take their tertiary education to Betazed. After her life partner (who carried a large number of sub-lethal and lethal alleles) was unable to father her child; Katherine asked San to be the child’s father via invitro fertilisation. San agreed and is now the biological father, and special uncle, of Nathaniel. Katherine’s husband has since died due to complications from extensive genetic mutations.

San joined starfleet after qualifying for doctorates in Psychology, and, Pathology and Forensic Sciences. Expert in hand to hand combat from a number of humanoid cultures, San finds as much satisfaction in the physical arena as he does in the mental. San’s mother, brother and sister expressed disappointment in his avoidance of a career in pure science or diplomacy. They fear that starfleet is becoming an increasingly dangerous occupation.

Professional History

Early childhood education on Earth where he was found to be a gifted student. Tertiary level education on Betazed where he excelled at psychology, biochemistry, genetics, psionics and xenobiology, he chose two branches of study to pursue doctorates in - Psychology (spec. abnormal psychology) and Pathology/Forensic Sciences graduating in the top of his classes. San’s craving for solving mysteries and desire for an active career led him to Starfleet - security.