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The Laudeans

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Laudean Hand Gestures

Laudean culture has many gestures to indicate all kinds of ideas:

Wealth: Used to refer to an abundance of wealth. (See SIM)

The left hand is held out flat with the palm facing the ceiling. The right hand is closed into a fist and brought into contact with the palm of the other hand as if hammering it. The clenched fist is lifted it away, and unclenches until the fingers are splayed wide and the fingertips point towards the ceiling

Laudean Currency

Blits The officials have come up with a conversion (see SIM 155):

  • 1 red Blit = 5 Federation Credits
  • 1 blue Blit = 50 Federation Credits
  • 1 green Blit = 100 Federation Credits


Embassy Holidays

  • January 1 - New Year - Terran
  • January 29 - Day of Laughter- Laudean
  • February 12 - Election Day - Laudean
  • February 21 - President's Day - Federation
  • March 2 - Revolution Day - Laudean
  • April 15 - New Year - Laudean
  • May 8 - Federation Day - Federation
  • May 30 - Memorial Day - Federation
  • July 1 - Arlid Aud (First King) - Laudean
  • July 22 - Public Holiday - Laudean
  • August 17 - President's Day - Laudean
  • September 30 - Feldleser Hemish (Famous Feldleser) - Laudean
  • October 21 - Duronis Day - Federation/Laudean
  • November 5 - Velika Helen Day (Warp driver creater) - Laudean
  • November 24 - Celebration of Peace - Federation
  • December 7 - Archer's Day - Federation
  • December 18 - Democratic Sunday - Laudean

Laudean Food

See: Duronis_Flora_and_Fauna

Laudean Sports, Games and Entertainment

  • Futbash

Futbash - is a game similar to baseball and soccer combined. It is played amongst trees and a field where each tree is similar to a goal and the basherbat is carried and used to move the ball like field hockey. The challenging point of the game is timing strategy. It is mostly played by advanced Fielders using several energy balls at once in rotating team exchanges. The team to have synced the energy balls into their opponents goal is the winner. The energy balls are moved by the bashers kicking the ball at the bashers with the basherbats and in turn they hit them together where they are combined into a larger energy ball.

  • Blante
  • M'kilet
  • Hooy'di (Children's game)
  • Circus

The Circus has a series of acts featuring acrobats, dancers, clown-like displays, animals etc designed to produce as little in the way of artificial energy fields as possible.

  • Loitering Within Tent - Account of a young Laudean having fun at the circus with his uncle and getting over the disappointment of being rejected from the school Futbash team.