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The following is an exerpt of a Sim that was posted by Cyrus Webb of the Embassy group on January 27, 2005. It was titled "Catching Up."

Tarn: I thought three outfits was enough, seeing as they cost four of those red colored coins you gave us a piece. What are these worth anyway?

Torrance: Not much. Latest conversion would be about 1 red chip to 5 Federation Credits. The officials have come up with a conversion. The blues are worth 10 red, so that would be 50 credits.

Tarn: Oh, I guess we have all lived under the almost endless Federation credit for a long time. Most Trill civilians have years worth of built up transporter credit since beaming is harmful those who are joined.

Torrance: Just do not ask me to convert to Latinum. That is still in me making since Gold-pressed Latinum has become the universal currency, well along with trade as well.

Tarn: I have a bar of the stuff thats all I know! ::He laughed::