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The following Sim was posted by Ebrin Tarn of the Embassy group on January 16, 2005. It was titled "Marketplace Madness."

Torrance: Umm about the phasers. Important to have them in defense but again we do not want to intimidate them.

Tarn: These type Ones are pretty small so we should be alright.

Torrance: Alright lets get moving and remember to not take any wooden nickels.

Tarn: Wooden nickels?

Any: ??

Torrance: Lets get moving.

::The group moved through the square. The market was bustling with Laudeans buying and selling goods. The federation group looked out of place really out of place, especially the non-humans.::

Tarn: oO How I wish we had come surgically altered. Oo

::The group moved on looking through the various shops and marvels, the Laudeans included their fielding ability in all aspects of there lives. Amazing looking sculptures carved from metal showed this.::

((Uss Resolution)) ((OOC I am purposely leaving a gap here in order to make sure everyone gets a chance to RP themselves in the market.))

::Herala sat in Ebrin's quarters aboard the Resolution she had felt odd for over an hour like something was wrong. She couldn't tell what it was but she knew something was not right. She then stood and crossed the small room to the replicator.::

Herala: Computer, Laudean civilian clothing, loose fitting please.

::As she stood she though about what she was about to do.::

Herala: I must.

::She began to change looking at her figure in the mirror, she could see that the baby had moved to a lower position, it would not be long, not long at all. The Laudean clothes slipped on easily though not as loose as she wished it would have to do. She then walked to a panel sitting on the small desk. She pressed the communications sub- menu and hailed the embassy. A man in a Starfleet uniform sitting behind a desk appeared on the screen::

Officer: May I help you?

Herala: Yes I need a transport to take me to meet my fiance Dr. Tarn he is in the city and I need to see him right away.

Officer: Ma'am Dr. Tarn is on assignment, you can see him when he returns.

::The screen went black, Herala puffed out a breath of air and began to formulate a new plan.::

Herala: I must take the risk, something is not right. I can just feel it.

::She moved quickly out of the room and through the hallways past the briefing room, mess hall and what seemed like an endless array of doors for such a small ship, then she stopped in front of her destination. Transporter Room One, the words on the doors slid as she entered and then moved toward the empty console. It was inactive, and her codes were no longer active.::

Herala: Damn. Wait

::A grin crossed her face and she sat cross-legged on the ground and removed the service hatch from the console. She removed a piece of circuitry and the display and transporter pad lit up.::

Herala: Thank you Jaziel.

::She entered the location into the system setting it to auto- transport, she quickly moved to the pad knowing full well that the bridge was aware of an unauthorized transport, she had only a few moments, until someone arrived. Her vision turned white and pain shot through her as the transport cycle began. When she opened her eyes she was in a Laudean building looking out into the market, several people around her stared they undoubtingly sensed her arrival, by the looks on their faces she guessed they had never seen or sensed a transporter before. The transport had taken its toll on her, she felt dizzy, a pain shot through her middle and she felt weak, and it was too late now the transporter had accelerated the feeling that time was short. After she gathered herself she raised her hood and left the store to look for her beloved fiance.::

((Laudean marketplace.))((OOC About an hour has passed since the team has arrived.))

::Ebrin stood with the others there trip around the marketplace had not been as bad as he thought it would be his crewmates were an interesting bunch to shop with he had even purchased some Laudean style baby clothes from a woman who described herself as a mid-wife, some sort of caretaker of children.::

Tarn: So what does everyone think of the locals?

Any: Responses.

Tarn: I feel silly now being so worried.

Any: Responses.

Tarn: True we should not be at total ease.

::Ebrin then turned around he heard a familiar voice but how could it be. Then he saw her it was Herala moving through the crowd calling his name.::

Tarn: Oh my stars.

Any: Responses.

Tarn: It's Herala, my fiancee.

::Ebrin began to run towards her the tall Trill moved quickly through the crowd until the two met in an embrace.::

Tarn: How did you get here.

Herala: I could not wait, Ebrin something is very wrong. I could not get a transport to bring me here.

Tarn: Then how did you get...

Herala: I used the Resolutions transporter.

Tarn: How could you. You know it's dangerous you could your isoboramine levels could drop too low.

Herala: I know, I know but Ebrin something is not right.

::Herala grasped her stomach, she then looked up into Ebrin's face.::

Herala: Oh, the baby, the baby is coming now.

::Ebrin's eyes widened as he felt helpless, he removed his medical kit from the bags that had been handed out. And began to scan her, she had dilated five centimeters and the baby had entered the birth canal. The rest of his crewmates arrived at his side.::

Tarn: She's gone into labor!

Any: Responses.

::Ebrin continued his scan, his tricorder bleeped a horrid noise.::

Tarn: The baby is stuck in the birth canal.

Herala: What! Ebrin do something, Give me a drug or do something to help.

Any: Responses.

Tarn: No I can't, that would only make the situation worse.

Tarn:=/\= Tarn to Embassy, we have a medical emergency.

EMBASSY:=/\= We will beam you out, hold on.

Tarn:=/\= Negative, transporters would only make things worse.

EMBASSY:=/\= We are alerting the Laudean hospital, some of our staff are already there and they will send emergency services to your location. =/\=

::The Laudean mid-wife emerged from the gathering crowd and came to Ebrin, and Herala's side. She placed one hand on Herala's middle and the other on Ebrin's shoulder. He had told her that he was expecting a baby when he bought the clothes from her, but how did she find them through the crowd::

Ruthia: I could sense that it is time dear. Bring her with me to my shop I have all of the proper materials there to make sure your little one arrives without harm.

Tarn: Ok, just please help us.

::Ebrin and Webb helped Herala to her feet and they along with the others followed the Laudean woman into her shop, where she directed them to several cushions, they laid Herala down, while the Mid-wife quick moved about the room she lit several oil incense burners, and the smoke that poured from them filled the room with a sweet smell. She left into a back room and returned with towels and what looked like red goo.::

Tarn: What's that stuff?

Ruthia: It is an oil called Derma that will numb the pain, dear, it will also ease the child's exit from the mother.

::Herala screamed in pain as the tiny child trapped within tried to grasp onto life.::

Herala: Do it, just do something.

::Ebrin scanned the, the result was not good.::

Tarn: His life signs are getting weak.

Ruthia: Dear, please, allow me to proceed I can sense things far before your device can. The Laudean people have a tried a true tradition for delivering our young it has worked flawlessly for centuries, in fact we use no drugs while delivering.

Tarn: I trust you.

Any: Responses

::Ruthia positioned Herala stacking pillows under her legs. But before she removed her garment she turned to others::

Ruthia: If you all would mind, only the father shall remain present.

Any: Responses.

::The Starfleet officers and several Laudeans that gathered in the store to see the alien birth left the shop and only Ruthia, Ebrin, and Herala remained. Once Ruthia was satisfied that one else is in the room, she removed Herala skirt and poured the oil-substance on her, Herala's face seemed to calm as it touched her skin, Ebrin looked on in amazement as a doctor he had never seen anything like this. Ruthia then began to palpate around Herala's middle, and began to chant something in Laudean, after a few minutes a baby Trill's cry could be heard outside. The officers and the Laudean onlookers rushed in to find Herala, Ebrin nestled together on the cushions with their tiny baby boy between them.::

Tarn: Thank you

Herala: Yes, thank you, um, um, we don't even know your name.

Ruthia: I am Ruthia, dear. Although this is the first alien I have helped deliver, I have been present many times before.

Any: Responses.

::In that moment a Laudean emergency medical team arrived accompanied by one of the Starfleet nurses serving at the hospital.::

Nurse: Dr. Tarn is everyone allright.

Tarn: I think so, though we should get to the hospital to get a check over.

::He had spoken softly and did not seem to take his eyes off of his newborn son.::

Nurse: The Medical transport is outside.

Tarn: We'll be right there.

::Ebrin handed the baby to Ruthia and helped Herala to her feet. Ruthia handed the baby to his mother and watched as the three exited the shop and boarded the Medical transport. Then she turned to the other officers::

Ruthia: If this is the people of the federation then may I be the first to welcome you to Til'Han with open arms.

Any: Responses

TAG: Everyone in the out and about group. Feel free to put in extra places for yourself to speak.

((OOC Please let me know what you thought, this one took awhile.))

Ensign (Dr.) Ebrin Tarn

Medical Officer/ Father

Duronis II Embassy