Kiax Symbiont

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Kiax Symbiont

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Date Host Information
1995 - Kiax Symbiont born in the Caves of Mak'ala on Trillius Prime
2067 Korrul Pritnaax
(host for 45 years)
1st host
Occupation: Symbiont Guardian, Biology Specialist; Later Botanist
Born/Joined/Death: 2027 / 2067 (40 y/o) / 2112 (Age related illness)
Married: No
Children: None
Personality Trait(s): Green Fingers, Calm, Collected.
2112 Rissee Laihl
(host for 3 years)
2nd host
Occupation: Theoretical Engineer & Test Pilot
Born/Joined/Death: 2085 / 2112 (18 y/o) / 2115 (Lethal exposure to radiation)
Married: No
Children: None
Personality Trait(s): Hot Headed, Egotistical, Genius. Was infamously condescending at times.
2115 Vilug Tollun
(host for 85 years)
3rd host
Occupation: Writer/Political Activist
Born/Joined/Death: 2095 / 2115 (20 y/o) / 2200 (Age related illness)
Married: Yes (wife Lumia Kausos)
Children: 1 (son Idoss b: 2127)
Personality Trait(s): Love of music and the arts, Easily polarised by current affairs.
2200 Ezres Riix
(host for 75 years)
4th host
Occupation: Colony Administrator
Born/Joined/Death: 2175 / 2200 (25 y/o) / 2275 (Age related illness)
Married: Yes (husband Marjo Prir)
Children: 4 (son Telid b: 2202, son Silil b: 2204, dau. Emoll b: 2207, son Torim b: 2210)
Personality Trait(s): Motherly, Supportive, Organised Chaos.
2275 Lilla Vos
(host for 25 years)
5th host
Occupation: Triathlete & Sports Advocate
Born/Joined/Death: 2255 / 2275 (20 y/o) / 2300 (Died from fall during Free Solo Rock Climb)
Married: Yes (husband Ojass Hade)
Children: 2 (son Aadin b: 2276, dau. Illo b: 2280)
Personality Trait(s): Adventurous, Strong Willed, Daredevil.
2300 - Kiax Symbiont returned to the Caves of Mak'ala on Trillius Prime
2350 Kara Balli
(host for 46 years)
6th host
Occupation: Diplomat/Ambassador
Born/Joined/Death: 2316 / 2350 (34 y/o) / 2396 (Age related illness)
Married: No
Children: None
Personality Trait(s): Charismatic, Social Butterfly, Proper.
2396 Esa Darkkdust
(current host)
7th host
Occupation: Starfleet Operations Officer
Born/Joined/Death: 2370 / 2396 (25 y/o) / -
Married: No
Children: None
Personality Trait(s): Logical Thinker, Ambitious, Computer Whiz.

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Korrul Pritnaax

Korrul was the first host of the Kiax symbiont, and served the symbiosis commission for over 60 years before his death, aged 85. Joined in 2067, over 70 years after the Kiax symbiont was born, Korrul was chosen to be the first host to Kiax because of his vast knowledge of symbiont biology. Beyond biology, Korrul was a keen gardener and won multiple community awards for his orchid collection.

Rissee Lahl

Rissee, in her test pilot jumpsuit

Despite being only 30 when she died, Rissee was an exceptionally talented engineer, but an unexpected propulsion lab experiment that went horribly wrong ended any hope to see her career flourish. Rissee chose the Kiax symbiont to help further it’s knowledge of the sciences, and what with Korrul being a biologist, a good knowledge of physics was sure to further the path of Kiax down the path of the mind. Rissee only spent three years with Kiax, but the veritable wealth of information that Kiax now wields is staggering. Though a very sociable person, Rissee tended to bury herself in work, only occasionally attending parties hosted specifically for people in engineering to mingle and exchange ideas.

Vilug Tollun

The longest living host of the Kiax symbiont was Vilug, who was a prolific philosophical author for over 85 years. While he started out writing works of fiction in his mid-teens, he quickly transitioned into writing non-fictional papers about societal reform, much of which was adopted into Trill law soon after its publishing. This garnered much attention from the symbiosis commission, who quickly accepted his application for joining. He was offered the Kiax symbiont due to his powerful mind, but after joining, having absorbed the experiences of two previous hosts, Vilug decided that he would move away from the sciences and continue to pursue his love of writing, to give Kiax a more rounded appreciation of arts and culture. He lived a long and prosperous life, dabbling in various forms of art over the years, but ultimately staying loyal to his roots as an author.

Ezres Riix

Born in a small township far beyond the borders of the major cities on Trill, Ezres found work as a teenager working as a clerk in the local town hall. Her work ethic and general popularity found her favour with the staff, and after completing her undergraduate degree in politics, found success in the initiate program by the time she was 25. She continued to work for political establishments until she was 50, where she took up the head of a colony administration to put her years of experience to better use. She remained a popular administrator for the colony until she turned 75, whereafter she retired, spending her twilight years with her husband, children and grandchildren.

Lilla Vos

Lilla grew up with sports, competing in several youth games during her childhood, and always well supported by her friends and family. Eventually deciding to specialise in Triathlon, she competed in the 2272 Federation Games, finding much success in the process. After spending the next three years in the initiate program, she passed through with much success. With the experiences of Ezres now fresh in her memory, she decided that settling down and raising a family was more rewarding than she previously though, and proceeded to do the same, while still competing at the highest level until her late thirties. Following this, she transitioned into coaching, and spent a lot of her time advocating the sport to the younger generations. Sadly, Lilla tragically died in a climbing accident when the rockface upon which she was climbing broke away, resulting in a 1000ft fall. Nothing could be done for Lilla, but the symbiont was miraculously saved and taken back to the Mak'ala Caves until a new host was found.

Kara Balli

Kara trained as a lawyer on Trill, but felt her true calling was elsewhere. After enlisting with Starfleet, she made waves in Starfleet Academy with her unusual talent for settling disputes between cadets. So much so, both the JAG Corps and the Diplomatic Corps offered her postings upon her graduation. She settled with the Diplomatic Corps, and spent a good few years settling disputes between colonists and the federation. She was joined in 2350, before becoming the Trill Ambassador for a short while. The lavish lifestyle suited Kara, and she did much good between Trill and other non-federation worlds. She was particularly well known for her opulent social gatherings, but never felt very comfortable in the role. She gave up the post after receiving a request to serve as Chief Diplomatic Officer on the USS Enterprise-E. She helped work diplomatic channels throughout the Dominion War, before retiring in 2379, leaving the ship as it orbited Earth for the wedding of William T. Riker and Deanna Troi.

Esa Darkkdust

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