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USS Eagle
Brayden Jorey

  • Gender: Male
  • Ship: USS Eagle
  • Rank: Commander
  • Position: Ambassador


  • Race: Betazoid
  • Place of Birth: Betazed
  • DoB: 236805.14
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 6'3" (190.5 cm)
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Telepathic Status: T4/E6

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Awards & Service Ribbons
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Romulan Campaign Medal
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Ithassa Region Campaign Medal
Orion Syndicate Service Medal
Galactic War with the Borg Service Medal
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Peacekeeper Service Ribbon
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Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Innovation Ribbon
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Legion of Merit
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The following are the mission logs of Brayden Jorey.

USS Tiger-A

The Wrath of Bilire IV

This is Jorey's first mission out of Starfleet Academy. Jorey arrives on the USS Tiger-A only to be transported down to Bilire IV to join a mission in progress to assist a Romulan colony. The Tiger crew comes under attack by Klingon forces, however Jorey and two other crewmates are abducted by an alien race known as the Reapers. Jorey, a medical officer (Tagren), and a science officer (T'Mihn) are trapped in a nightmarish world of their own mind's making while their bodies lie on board the Reaper ship. They are eventually rescued and brought back to the Tiger. However, Jorey suffers from a unique form of PTSD that the ship's counsellor, Zinna, treats him for. In the process of treatment, the counsellor falls into a coma and the waking nightmares that plagued Jorey cease.

Recovering the Curie

The USS Tiger-A is sent to the Hermates Sector to unexplored planet designation TR-345 to recover a century old Federation shuttle, the Curie, that has begun to emit a distress beacon. There is a pre-warp civilization on the planet and the hope is to recover the Curie before it is found by the native inhabitants. However, things quickly fall apart when a FTU ship is discovered. An unknown ship then appears and destroys the FTU Ship, however not before the Tiger transports them aboard. Then a Starfleet officer from the Mirror Universe, along with the help of the Grenaldi rescued from the FTU ship cause havoc on the ship. The Tiger crew get things under control, but not before the officer from the mirror universe transports to the unknown ship with technology from the Tiger.

En Route to New France

The Tiger received a request from the planet Triceblessed for medical assistance with an epidemic. While en route to New France to pick up medical provisions for the mission, the Tiger encountered what appeared to be a purple cloud in space. This encounter caused systems failures throughout the ship, and it was soon noticed that this cloud was draining power from the ship. Meanwhile, I felt a powerful animalistic presence that seemed to overload my neural pathways forcing me into unconsciousness.

The Tiger, after a brief stop, continued en route to New France, but the crew was forced to follow power rationing in an effort to draw whatever this purple could is away from the ship. To make matters worse, strange things, like holo-programs creating themselves (including my own grandmother), happened all over the ship. The crew struggled to understand what was happening aboard the ship. I came to in sickbay, however the medical team had to use inhibitors to temporarily silence my gifts. I found myself being treated by my grandmother. It didn't take me to long to figure out that the predator I had sensed earlier had taken the form of my family. When I confronted the thing bout it, it became very agitated and gave me a alien but recognizable look of aggression.

In my disoriented state I called an unauthorized meeting of the senior staff to both warn the others of what I felt was a dangerous and hostile enemy and brainstorm solutions to defend ourselves. During the meeting the Tiger suddenly changed course towards enemy territory. The crew were unable to gain control of the ship. It was decided that myself and ensign Azin should try to communicate with the being and engage in diplomacy. In the end, the entity crippled the ship and sent us hurling toward an uncharted O Class planet. The Tiger barely survived the crash into the vast oceans and on to the treacherous ocean floor.

Beyond the Pillars of Hercules

After the crash, the Tiger discovered an ancient Iconian Outpost nearby. An away team was sent to investigate, while the rest of the crew tried to put the ship back together and get it out of the oceans and back into space. On the outpost the away encountered a strange race of fiery humanoids. In an effort to prevent the Iconian technology from falling into hostile hands the Lt. Commander Wilde gave the order to destroy the Iconian Gateway. The team set charges and headed into the gateway to escape the explosion. However, the explosion caused the team to be stuck somehow between the outpost they left and the place they were going. Eventually, the Tiger sent a shuttle that realized what happened and used the transporters to free the away team and bring them back to the ship.

USS Gemini

Retaking the Hermes

After taking heavy damage, the USS Gemini, NCC-80564 retreated to the Celendi Nebula where it met up with the USS Wyoming who was there to bring officer transfers. The two ships worked on a plan to disable the Klingon Bird of Prey. Meanwhile, on the USS Hermes, the SAR team split up into two groups working on a way to either regain control of the ship or destroy it. The Red team successfully took control of Engineering, while the Blue team found the Hermes’ Captain and First Officer and successful won the fight for control of the Bridge. The Wyoming and the Gemini were able to distract the Bird of Prey long enough to beam casualties from the Hermes over. Before they were able to capture the rogue Klingon, Cmdr. Koval, he managed to escape. With their mission completed, the SAR team returned to the Gemini, and the Gemini headed back to Starbase 118.

Starbase 118

Becoming Agent X

Becoming Agent X tells the story of Brayden Jorey's month of intensive intelligence training at Starbase 118's Black Tower. The sims can be found by clicking Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

Emotional Intelligence

On this mission, Jorey, with Fleet Captain Toni Turner and Lt. S'Lone tr'Kellian, heads out to investigate an area of space based on some SIGINT from SFI. During the mission they pick up a Zalkonian who asks for their help. The sims can be found by clicking Part 1 and Part 2

Embassy on Duronis II/USS Thunder-A

Fear of the Unknown

This was Jorey's first official mission with the Embassy/Thunder crew. During this mission Jorey took command of the USS Thunder-A and chased a hostile shuttle into Romulan space. After winning a game of diplomatic poker with a Romulan warbird he managed to rescue Zalkonian prisoner and rejoin Captain Turner and the rest of the Thunder crew. The full mission archive can be seen here: Fear of the Unknown

Prime Minister Abduction

While on leave on Ba'ku the Laudean Prime Minister was abducted by Laudean Criminal Gaev along with Captain Turner and two other member of the Thunder' crew. After some quick intel work, Jorey was able to figure out that the Turner and the crew were being sold on the black market. The first officer took the Thunder to stage a rescue mission. Meanwhile, Jorey and a small team were sent back to Duronis to find out what happened to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister was eventually released by his captors unscathed and wanted to end any investigations. However, Jorey continued to investigate and uncovered a plot that tied his captors to a political group and subsequently a terrorist organization that would have the Federation leave Duronis.

USS Darwin-A

Embassy on Duronis II/USS Thunder-A

Fear of the Unknown

Renos meets the previous commanding officer of the Darwin, Captain Greir Reinard, who is on hand to complete the transfer of command. After a tour of the ship, they are joined by the Darwin’s new first officer, Lieutenant Commander Brayden Jorey. It soon becomes apparent that there is a deep history between Jorey and the previous captain. That intimacy, plus Jorey’s Betazed telepathic abilities and Intel history, puts Renos ill at ease and strains relations between the two new commanding officers of the Darwin right off the bat. With the rapid launch schedule of the Darwin, officers are pulled from across the fleet to man the science vessel, and they arrive to board her in quick succession. We are introduced to the new compliment of senior officers as they report aboard to Cmdr Jorey before having one-on-one meetings with the captain.

have been tasked to respond to the distress call from an Antares class freighter called the USS Dunbar, which has been conducting surveys near the Zeta Gelis cluster. It is explained that the ship had been transmitting back perplexing readings about an emergent anomaly, and that Starfleet Sciences & Technologies are concerned that the anomaly may be related to the Prometheus Incident. With the Dunbar disabled, missing its chief engineer, and being drawn towards the anomaly, the Darwin has been tasked to render assistance.

The Lost Souls (Darwin-A)