Jophry Calhan

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USS Independence-A
Prometheus Class

Jophry Calhan as Ensign
aboard USS Aurora

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Chief Medical Officer
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: Terran

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Lieutenant Commander Jophry Calhan, MD is the current Chief Medical Officer (see also) aboard USS Independence-A. Jophry would be known as devoted to his CMO duties, safety and wellbeing of the crew always his first priority.



  • Height: 185 cm / 6'1
  • Weight: 77 kg / 170 lbs
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Hair Style: Short/Medium length
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Skin Color: Caucasian
  • Scars: Heavy plasma burn on left forearm, a left-over from inept shuttle maneuver at academy training - holodeck safeties were off without Jophry's knowledge. He diligently hides the mark under clothing.
  • Build: Jophry is tall and slim. He tries to keep in shape, the usual work of a doctor does not include much workout though.
  • Handedness: Right


  • Spouse: none
  • Children: none
  • Parents
    • Father: Commander Frederick Arthur Calhan - CO, Federation Outpost 16 (Romulan Neutral Zone), born 2328
    • Mother: Anne Ferris-Calhan - Housewife, Painter, born 2328
  • Siblings: Martha Calhan - Science Officer, SB142, born 2351


Pacifist by belief, fighter by genes. Jophry's rather helpful person of calm demeanor and seriousness. His first obligation is to the people he serves and lives with. Close second is work of which he is proud and values it very highly. Romantic at heart. In times of great emotional stress he tends to seal off and, quite surprisingly, displays more aggressive stances, but his personal safeties had not yet failed him in critical spots. Although his values contain a ban on violence, he is capable of "rush acts" if they serve "greater good" - a flux concept, mainly considering preserverance of life.

Behind the exterior of a reliable and decisive person Jophry has a fair share of weak points, most interlinked with past relations with his father. Some of those weaknesses are an inability to come to terms with failures, a premonition of dormant aggresiveness and a sense of competition between him and his father which is, in fact, a masked attempt to finally rouse his parent's attention and appreciation.

Though competent GP, Jophry is mostly an epidemiologist, but his personal interest reaches into psychology also, making an interesting mix. His personal hobbies include mountain climbing and singing. Additionally he knows a little about wines.

Major weaknesses include anti-talents in engineering and helm (latter a psychological problem instilled by academy accident).

Personal History

Jophry was born 5th of April 2355 in Houston, Texas as second and last child of Lieutenant Junior Grade Frederick Arthur Calhan and painter Anne Ferris - Calhan. Jo and his sister Martha were neglected by their father pursuing military career in Starfleet and left in individual care of their mother. She followed a strict code of rules invented for the household by both parents. Children were not allowed much freedom and she disciplined them for any transgression. Apart from that Jophry was also subjected to harsh treatment from his father on his rare stays at home. Frederick Calhan proceeded with military excercises to instill soldier's spirit in his only son. He was also very demanding and rarely if ever accomodating to Jophry's emotional needs, including love. Subsequently Jophry became a quiet, but fit boy, secretly dreaming his dream of becoming a doctor, having a genuine feel for the people and willingness to help them. On his nineteenth birthday Jophry ran away from home, relinquished any contact with his mother, staying in touch only with his older sister, who was already a Starfleet cadet. Working hardly, he managed to secure a spot to live and a place in Atlanta Medical School.

Duty History

  1. 237607.02: Joins Starfleet Academy.
  2. 238005.11: Receives injury after accident with holodeck shuttle program, undergoes six months of intensive treatment and physical therapy.
  3. 238206.19: Graduates Starfleet Medical Academy 11th of his class, receives rank of Ensign and assignment to NCC-72750 USS Aurora under then Commander Megan Elise Parker as Medical Officer.
  4. 238206. - 238208.: S&R Mission to Caraban II.
  5. 238208.23: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, assigned Chief Medical Officer.
  6. 238209. - 238212.: Medical survey to Truga III, Romulan space.
  7. 238212.16: Promoted to Lieutenant.
  8. 238301.06: Following death of Captain Parker Jophry is transferred (along with the senior staff of USS Aurora) to NCC-830214 USS Ursa Major under then Rear Admiral Hollis Calley, retaining Chief Medical Officer.
  9. 238301. - 238303.: The Rift/Higarel Mission.
  10. 238304. - 238306.: Survey of Ithassa region.
  11. 238306. - 238307.: Leave of Absence
  12. 238307. - 238308.: Gorn Conflict
  13.  : Ursa Major's missions (TBA)
  14. 238412.06: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
  15.  : Ursa Major's missions (TBA)
  16. 238505.04: Following Vice Admiral Hollis' departure to SB118 Jophry is transferred (along with some of USS Ursa Major's senior crew) to USS Independence-A under Rear Admiral Jessa Anassasi, retaining Chief Medical Officer.
  17.  : Independence missions (TBA)
  18. 238509.28: Field promoted to Acting Second Officer. Promotion lifted after ship's arrival to DS17.

Additional Data

Previous Vessels: NCC-72750 USS Aurora, NCC-830214 USS Ursa Major

  • Awards Received:
    • 238301.10 The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement First Class (TOSMA I)
    • 238401.11 The B-Plot Award
    • 238501.18 The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement Second Class (TOSMA II)

Notable NPCs

Groups: Aurora, Ursa Major, Independence-A (current)