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USS Atlantis
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Jelana Zarax (de la Croix)
Position Tactical Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Orion
Gender Female
DOB 236908.18
Age 27
Birthplace Theta Cygni III
Writer ID A239412S10
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Ensign Jelanna Zarax (de la Croix) is currently serving as a Tactical Officer for the Hawkeye I shuttle aboard the USS Atlantis.


  • Species: Orion
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 145 lbs
  • Hair: Black, with Lavender highlights
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Athletic


  • Parents (natural):
    • Father: Unknown, but it was always suspected it was her mother’s owner
    • Mother: Kella, Orion Slave Girl
  • Parents (adopted):
    • Father: François de la Croix
    • Mother: Jacqueline de la Croix
  • Siblings: at least four known to exist, doesn’t know any of them
  • Siblings (adopted): Isabella de la Croix
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

Chronological History

  • 236908.18 - Jelanna born to Kella Zarax
  • 237310.12 - Jelanna sold to Ferengi Grahlk
  • 238007.15 - Grahlk dies suddenly
    • Jelanna found by human freighter crew
    • Adopted by the De la Croix family
  • 238605.30 - Graduates from secondary school, granted admission to Starfleet Academy
  • 239006.15 - Graduates from Starfleet Academy
    • Assigned to starbase DS26 as a junior tactical officer
  • 239311.07 - Transferred to USS Atlantis as tactical officer for the Hawkeye I shuttle.


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Due to the fortunate circumstances that occured in her life, Jelanna was spared the bitterness and anger she might otherwise have learned as the result of being an Orion slave. Although she was a slave until the age of eleven, the Ferengi who owned her was not cruel or unkind, and so she was somewhat content with her lot in life. After her adoption, she truly began to blossom (after a couple of years of adjustment to being free) and learned to be a happy and somewhat carefree girl. Her one real driving motive in her life is to help prevent others from experiencing the kind of life her mother and she experienced. Jelanna is proud to serve in Starfleet and hopes to move to starship tactical someday, though she enjoys the patrol routes she flies with her pilot and partner. Although she has taken the last name of her adopted family, and loves them as if she were an actual member of their family, she still prefers to use her given last name as it helps remind her of where she came from and what she strives to accomplish in her life.


Born the daughter of an Orion Slave Girl, Jelanna was born into slavery herself. Her mother’s owner, and hers as well, was a harsh man and did not treat Kella kindly. He was only marginally kinder to Jelanna, but she always suspected that was due to the possibility that he may have been her father. Not that anyone was certain of that. She knew she had several brothers and sisters, but they had all been sold off before she was born and she never knew them. Jelanna was destined for a life similar to her mother’s had fate not intervened.

Although she was still too young to truly understand what was happening, her owner happened to get into some hot water with the Syndicate. When a Ferengi associate came to collect on his amount due, the owner wasn’t able to pay. Deciding that he could use someone to take care of the menial work on his vessel, he decided to clear the owner’s debt if he would give her the girl, Jelanna. Not caring one whit for the girl, other than the potential she might have had when she was fully grown, he agreed to the deal.

Jelanna spent the next several years working for the Ferengi, named Grahk, and while he wasn’t particularly kind to her, he wasn’t as cruel as her former owner had been. And he never abused her, which was a blessing to her, though she really didn’t understand such things. When she was eleven, approaching twelve, Grahlk died rather suddenly from a massive coronary. Jelanna wasn’t sure what was to become of her, but it so happened that a Terran freighter was passing by and noticed the Ferengi vessel adrift. Investigating, they found Jelanna still cleaning and performing her other duties as if Grahlk were still alive. After all, she didn’t know what else to do. The freighter captain took Jelanna back to his ship, clothed her and fed her. He wasn’t able to keep her on board simply because he couldn’t afford to, his business not being all that great, so he dropped her off at the nearest starbase.

Ultimately, she was taken in by a human couple who raised her for the next few years until she became of age. It took her almost two years to get used to the idea that she wasn’t their slave, that they would treat her as if she were one of their own children. But once she finally accepted it, she blossomed. They also made sure she received an education. She was far behind others of her age, slaves not really requiring an education after all, but within a few short years, she had easily caught up to her classmates. It seemed Jelanna was rather brilliant, after all. Something that would have been lost had she remained a slave.

By the time she reached the age of seventeen, Jelanna had reached the top quarter of her class and graduated with honors. By this time, of course, she had learned of Starfleet and how they upheld the highest of Terran and Federation standards. There was no slavery in Federation worlds. They had made that a requirement for admission into the Federation. General Order 20. She had learned that by her second year in secondary school. Because of this, Jelanna decided she wanted to join Starfleet, to help prevent slavery and maybe even help free some along the way.

Jelanna was granted admission into the academy, despite her past, because her adopted father was friends with a retired Admiral who, after meeting with her, decided to sponsor her admission. The only requirement placed on her, as with all Orion women being granted admission to Starfleet, was to take regular injections of a substance that would suppress her pheromone output, something which she had discovered a few years earlier was quite potent to most males and had actually caused her a few problems until her foster parents had her placed on the injections. Since she was already used to taking them, she accepted the condition and at the start of the next academic year, she began classes, ultimately graduating middle of her class as a tactical officer.

Her first assignment was the station Deep Space 26, where she mainly served in Operations despite her training as a Tactical Officer, so when Atlantis was assigned to the region and was in need of a tactical officer for their long range Hawkeye class scout shuttle, she jumped at the opportunity. She is now assigned to it alongside its regular pilot, Ensign Emmaline Teravalis, a Centauran with a carefree spirit. She does hope to eventually be assigned to Tactical on the ship someday, but is content for now to serve alongside her partner.

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