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Jan Droogendyk (pronounced Yawn Droh-gen-dike) is a crewman serving aboard the USS Indepdence-A. He is known for his hard-nosed work ethic and for his occasional angry outbursts. He likes to befriend young officers and crewmen alike, sharing the wisdom of a long life.

Jan Droogendyk was born in Holland and his speech is peppered with Dutch slang. At age 52, he is considered among the older crew serving aboard the USS Independence-A. He commonly mutters things like "kwast!" (literally, "paintbrush" but basically means stupid idiot) under his breath when dealing with smart-aleky young engineers.


Jan spent his childhood working on a farm with his father in Holland. It was there that he learned the work ethic that has paid off the rest of his life.

Dominion War

During the Dominion War Jan was badly burned aboard the USS Rook, when a bulkhead near him exploded. During the war he lost many of his friends. Many remark at his stoic resolution, "vaal, vat can you do?" when he tells of the losses.

Religious Views

Jan has been a practicing Protestant Christian all his life. Although he would say that his theology traces its roots to the Dutch Reformed theology of the 19th and 20th centuries, Jan's actual practice is decidedly less confrontational than the 20th and 21st century forms of conservativism sometimes found among the ranks of that tradition. Still, occasionally to the annoyance of others, Jan can be heard praying sometimes while working in Jeffries Tubes.

For example, during a recent mission to Science Station 7623, Jan could be heard in the distance praying about a recent malfunction involving some nanites that Kevin Breeman had deployed to protect the USS Independence-A from harmful radiation:

Droogendyk:  oO Dear Lord, I know I and my crewmates have done a great many things to warrant our not deserving the 
blessings thou hast bestowed upon us and so I can do nothing more than to thank thee for all that thou hast allowed us over 
these past years.  That you should send so young a man to do the work of doing me and my friends in is thy prerogative and 
I can only ask that thou wouldst take charge of the care of the young Kevin Breeman, wherever he may be. Oo