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Crew of USS Ronin
Lieutenant (j.g.) Jackson Teller


  • Rank: Lieutenant (j.g.)
  • Ship: USS Ronin
  • Position: Chief Medical Officer
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • DoB: 235001.09
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 169lbs
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Blond
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Lieutenant (j.g.) Jackson "Jax" Teller is currently assigned as Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Ronin.




Jackson Teller is extremely agile with Klingon weapons. He own several bat'leth and d'k tahg. He grew up on a Klingon outpost with his mother who was a doctor. He was taught the art of the sword of honor and warrior's knife at an early age. His knowledge and skill impressed those who helped him hone his skills with these weapons.

He also considers himself a better than average poker player.


  • Mother: Gemma Teller
  • Father: John Teller, deceased. Killed while attempting to get medical supplies in a black market deal that went bad.
  • Marital Status: Single

Personal History

  1. 235703.03: Born on Earth, Norfolk, Virginia
  2. 237405.20: Enrolls at Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia
  3. 237707.11: Graduates Marshalll University with double major Klingon History
  4. 238209.09: Graduates Harvard Medical School
  5. 238510.10: Completes internship at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
  6. 238510.20: Enrolls at Starfleet Academy

Jackson Teller grew up an only child. His father was Doctor John Teller and was killed while getting medical supplies. He passed away when Jackson was five years old. His mother Gemma Teller is currently an ambassador posted on the Klingon home world. After his father had died. Jackson grew up on the Klingon Home World with his mother. His playmates were other Klingon children. His toys were a bat'leth and d'k tahg.

Jackson grew up with a love of weapons and hand to hand combat. But he also had a love of science and medicen, he got that from his mother. He was unsure on what to do with his life. After months of thought about it he decided that he would attend college. He graduate from Marshall University on Earth. The same school that his father had attended. He graduated with honors and a double major, Klingon History/Pre Med. Then he was accepted to Harvard medical school.



After graduation from Harvard Medical School, he completed a two year internship at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. It was while he was at Princeton Plainsboro, he became friends with the Chief of Staff, Perry Cox. Dr. Cox was a former Starfleet Doctor.

Dr. Cox would tell Jackson stories of his adventures. Jackson would listen to them for hours on end. The adventure, the excitement it had him hook line and sinker. When his internship was over. And with a letter of endorsement from Dr. Perry Cox. Jackson Teller applied to and was accepted into Starfleet Academy.

Military History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
004-Cadet1st-Teal.jpg Cadet 1st Class ??????.?? - ??????.?? Graduated Starbase 118 Academy Medical
01-Ensign-Teal.jpg Ensign ??????.?? - ??????.?? USS Ronin Medical Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Teal.jpg Lieutenant (j.g.) ??????.?? - ??????.?? USS Ronin Medical Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Teal.jpg Lieutenant (j.g.) ??????.?? - ??????.?? USS Ronin Chief Medical Officer



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