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Like most starships, the Intrepid class has a briefing room located adjacent to the bridge for senior officers to gather, review schedules, their mission, and decide on a course of action.

Access to the briefing room from the bridge is located on the port side of the bridge, between the science and operations bridge stations. A secondary access opens to a short corridor which leads to a restroom and a turbolift, as well as the ramp to deck 2.

The briefing room features a large table with eight seats – enough for the entire senior staff of the ship – which can be moved around the table as necessary. The commanding officer traditionally sits at the narrow end of the egg-shaped table, which is located closest to the windows. A display on the back wall can display briefing and tactical information, as well as acting as a videoconferencing unit for communication with alien vessels and other stations around the ship. A replicator is located next to the display to provide food and drinks during long briefing sessions.


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