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Primary operational control of the Intrepid-class starship is provided by the main bridge, located at the top of the saucer section, on Deck 1. The main bridge directly supervises all primary mission operations and coordinates all departmental activities.

The central area of the main bridge is the Command area, providing seating and information displays for the commanding officer and the executive officer, with additional seats for two other officers. Directly fore of the command area is the Flight Control Officer, in a sunken area, who faces the main viewer. Starboard of the helm station and recessed into the wall is a workstation area manned by a member of the Engineering staff. Its port-side counterpart workstation area is manned by a member of the Science department. These stations are angled so as to be able to face the main viewer if needed.

Directly aft of the command area is an elevated platform on which is located an auxiliary control console whose interface is redefinable, so as to be able to duplicate other bridge stations. To the starboard side of the platform is the Tactical/Security control station, manned at all times by a member of the Tactical/Security department. Its port-side counterpart workstation area is manned at all times by an Operations Manager. Both workstation areas are angled to face not only the main viewer, but the command area as well. Also located on the platform is the Master Systems Status Display, surrounded by auxiliary system controls for Mission Operations and Environmental Systems, such as gravity and life support.

At the very front of the bridge chamber is located a large visual display panel. The main viewer is generally used to display the output of one of the forward optical scanners, but can easily be reset for any other visual, informational, or communications use. The main viewer display matrix includes omni-holographic display elements and is thus capable of displaying three-dimensional information.

Some of the newer Starfleet vessels are also equipped with a holographic communications system. The holo-emitter for the receiver array is located in the floor of the command area, directly between the commanding officers' seats and the Flight Control Officer, allowing a holographic representation of the individual to be displayed on the bridge. The holo-emitter for this system is not as advanced as those used in Sickbay for the Emergency Medical Hologram. There are no forcefield generators to manipulate objects, so the hologram projected is a visual representation only, at roughly 40% of actual size.

Other facilities located on Deck 1 include the captain's ready room and head, and the main briefing room for the senior staff. Both the captain's ready room and the briefing room are equipped with food replication terminals.

Major connects to the bridge include one standard turbolift shaft with access from the bridge and a corridor which connects the bridge, ready room, and the main briefing room with a service area that includes a weapons locker, spacesuit lockers, the aft bridge airlock, Escape Pod access (2 pods), and a ramp leading down to Deck 2.

Because of the criticality of bridge systems, especially in emergency situations, the Main Bridge is designated as an emergency environment support shelter, receiving priority life support from a special protected utilities trunk. This feed permits Class M conditions to be maintained for up to seventy-two hours even in the event of failure of both primary and reserve environmental systems. Also provided within the bridge shell are two emergency atmospheric and power supply modules, each capable of providing up to twenty-four hours of atmosphere and lighting in the event of total environmental systems failure.

Black-and-white ship illustrations by Tim Davies. Used with permission. All other images are copyright to their respective owners.
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