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On an Intrepid class ship, the tactical station on the bridge occupies a position on the raised platform behind the command area and to the starboard side, adjacent to the entrance to the captain's ready room.

The chief tactical officer is responsible for both the ship's weapons, as well as the internal security teams aboard Intrepid class ships. In cases where the tactical officer is called away from the station, another member of the bridge crew will take over until another tactical officer can be called to the bridge.

Starship defense functions

A large portion of the tactical station's displays are devoted to the tactical defense systems of the vessel. Sensor information, targeting functions, weapons status, defensive shield control are all organized as the primary display functions for easiest access.

Tactical coordinates with the conn station to ensure that the ship's weapons are brought to bear at the appropriate moments, the operations station to ensure that shields and weapons have appropriate energy allocation, and engineering to ensure that all weapons and shields are operable and, when applicable, able to be loaded such as in the case of torpedos.

The tactical officer also manages all sensor probe launches, message buoys, and tractor beam devices.

Security functions

Protection of the crew and mission-critical areas of the ship is also the purview of the tactical officer on an Intrepid class ship, in his or her role as the security chief. Security functions are integrated into the primary control panels of the tactical station, and the LCARS Artificial Intelligence assists by reorganizing the panel displays when necessary to ensure that alerts are seen and that appropriate mitigation actions are available, such as raising internal shields.

Weapons lockers and security team dispatching is also controlled at the tactical display.

All of the consoles and displays dealing with ship security have duplicates located in the Security Offices on Deck 9.

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