Indria-A Small Craft Assignment

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Flight Bay

The Indria-A, given its required flexibility, has been fitted with a three deck Flight Bay. This bay is the main shuttlebay of the ship and holds a variety of vessels for various purposes. The main exit is much larger than on most other starships and the Flight bay can hold more craft. The Helm/Communications/Operations Officer supervises the Flight Bay.

The Indria-A contains the following craft as standard:

3 Indria class runabout

A runabout is a small class of starship, only slightly larger than shuttlecraft. However they are very different to shuttlecraft. Runabouts have both warp and impulse capabilities. They are generally operated by a two man crew, but a single pilot can man them if needs be. A runabout in a crisis can hold a maximum of 40 people at one time (at a tight squeeze). The sleeping quarters can hold eight people but are both cramped and uncomfortable. Directly off the cockpit is a multipurpose room that can be used for either meetings or dining

The Indria class runabout is one of the first starship based runabouts. It is 22 metres in length, and is designed to meet the mission requirements of the USS Indria-A, hence is flexible yet designed with battle in mind. The Indria class runabout is capable of a sustained warp 5.3 (emergency warp 6.0 for three hours), and has two multi-directional class V phaser banks along with two multidirectional photon torpedo launchers.

Runabouts: "Viper", "Scimitar" and "Falcon'

1 Type 15 shuttle

This shuttle is for planetary surveys, short range, sub-light shuttle, can hold two people, two type IV phaser emitters.

Shuttle: "Cobalt"

2 type 13A Shuttles

Short range shuttles; can hold four people, maximum of warp 1 for 5 hours, two type V phaser emitters.

Shuttles: "Longbow" and "Hera"

1 type 9A Shuttle

Shuttle for cargo use - heavy, long range, warp (2 for 36 hours, 2.2 for 32 hours), three people (2 flight crew, one cargo specialist), can carry up to 18.9 metric tonnes of cargo, two type V phaser emitters.

Shuttle: "Garrion"

2 type 7 Shuttles

Personnel crafts with the ability to carry up to 8 people. Maximum speed of warp 4 for 3.5 hours, two type V phaser emitters.

Shuttles: "Heskey" and "Lancelot"

1 type 6 Shuttle

Shuttle for personnel use - short range, warp drive (1.2 for 48 hours or warp 2 for 36 hours), can hold 10 people (2 crew, 6 standard passenger, 2 diplomatic), two type IV phaser emitters.

Shuttle: "Oscar"

2 Workpods

These pods are for work to be done to the exterior of the ship, short range, can hold two people (pilot and specialist), sub-light only, no armament.

Pods: "Schick" and "Fenton"



10 Class I-- short range, EM/Subspace and interstellar chemistry sensors.

20 Class II -- medium range, same as class I with enhanced particle and field detectors.


10 Class III -- very short range, terrestrial sensors with material sample and return, chemical analysis onboard, gas giant tester as well.

14 Class IV -- medium short range, stellar field and stellar atmosphere analysis.

10 Class V -- medium range passive data gathering, planetary atmosphere entry and landing capacity. Can be used to transport materials, reconnaissance work.

15 Class VI -- long range, deep space, relay probes, primarily for data forwarding to an active receiver on a Starbase or Starship. Minimal data storage in case of signal being lost.

16 Class VII -- long range, culture study probe, can passively gather data on cultural civilisations for 3.5 months up to early computer age data.


5 Class VI -- emergency beacon, COM relay, long range.

5 Class IX -- long range, warp drive (only one with it), emergency log capsule with homing beacon to nearest Starbase or known Starfleet vessel position.

6 Starfleet Marine Corps FS-90 Fast Attack Space Superiority Fighter-Shuttles

The FS-90 fighter shuttles are identical to those found on the Indria-A's sister ship the Ranger-A, which is a war ship. The fighters are very powerful tools for medium to short range rapid assaults, however the Indria-A is only fitted with six such craft. The fighters hold 2 pilots (pilot and weapons officer) only. The fighters are 22 metres long by 5 metres height and 15 metres across. They are designed only for short flights but can hold warp 9 for 30 hours. The fighters are armed with five type VIII phaser emitters (three bow, two stern) and one bow-mounted Quantum torpedo launcher. The fighters are also equipped with type IX shield generators, capable of deflecting 200,000 kW. The fighters are equipped with a standard shuttle sensor package with "TAC-LINK" secure channel to host-starship (This means it can accept tactical or other data from the host starship on a secure sub-space channel - short range only)

Fighters: "Dagger", "Silk", "Moonlight", "Cobra", "Blade" and "Rapier"