Indria-A Deck Layout

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Deck 1: Bridge

Bridge, Conference Room, Captains Ready Room, First and Second Officers offices (Not Shown on Bridge Pic), Emergency Transporter (evacuation or intro-ship transport under emergencies only)

Deck 2: Bridge Support

Conference Rooms 2-8, Environmental Monitoring Systems, Transporter Room 1

Deck 3: Various

Transporter Rooms 2-4, Conference Rooms 9 & 10

Deck 4: Residential

Command Staff Quarters (Captain, First Officer and Second Officer), VIP and Guest Quarters, Executive Holosuite (for Command Staff or VIP/Guests only), Human Atrium (Flowers and Fauna from over 25 worlds)

Deck 5: Residential

Senior Staff Quarters (incl. CEO, COS, CMO etc), Officers Quarters

Deck 6: Mission Deck

Storage Rooms containing a wide variety of equipment for off the ship missions. Mission Briefing Centre. Mission Specialists Office

Deck 7: Science Deck 1

Stellar Cartography, Planetary survey and analysis labs, Science labs 1-6, Astrometrics lab, Chief of Sciences Office

Deck 8: Science Deck 2

Science labs 7-12, Language algorithm labs, Virtual Neutrino Spectrometer for detailed geographical analysis.

Deck 9-10: Medical Level

Main sickbay, Nursery, 8 surgery suites, nine intensive care wards, two null gravity therapy wards, two biohazard isolation units, Medical Labs, CMO Office, Morgue, Physical Therapy Centre, Quarantine Rooms (completely isolated with individual life support system), Botany labs

Deck 11: Residential

Officers Quarters, Junior Crew Quarters, Holodecks 1-4, Vulcan and Klingon Atriums

Deck 12: Security Deck

Brigs, Weapon Lockers, Phaser controls, weapons storage, phaser range, COS Office, Holodecks 5 & 6, programmed specifically with training exercises in self defence, ship-to-ship combat and other security/tactical related issues. Holodecks can hold 130 people each. All weapons relay systems are also located on this deck. The brig is located in the direct centre of this deck for maximum security. Because of the amount of sensitive equipment on this deck, there is one turbolift access point. It opens directly in front of the brig. From there, access to other parts of the deck (such as weapons systems, etc) are restricted to Senior Officers and authorised personnel only. Also available are secure storage areas for highly "problematic" substances, substances that pose a direct threat to the safe operation of the ship. These storage rooms are located up close to the hull to allow for emergency ejection. Much of this deck may seem "wasted" in the sense that it does not optimally use all the available space. Therefore, sections of this deck located close to the outer hull can be redesigned into minimum access storage and meeting rooms. These areas are used as a last requirement.

Deck 13: Storage

Cargo Bays 1-5 (Cargo Bays 1-3 have transporters) These bays can be used for medical overflow during emergencies/disasters. The Battle Bridge is also located on this deck however it can only be accessed from deck 12. This is because the security to get onto deck 12 is much tighter. A 'mini-turbolift' transports personnel from deck 12 into the rear of the battle bridge, this turbolift requires a security code for operation. The battle bridge can be evacuated through three further exits, but these exits are one-way only and cannot be opened from the other side. There are also several Jeffries tube access points, all are protected by hatches which are security code locked.

Deck 14: Storage

Cargo Bays 5-10 (8-10 have transporters and also containment fields for hazardous cargo), Fighter/Runabout fuel storage

Deck 15-17: Flight Bay

See Special Features Notably contains 3 Indria Class Runabouts and 6 FS-90 Fighter Craft

Deck 18: Various

Shuttle Bay 1 & 2 (Much smaller than Flight Bay - Bay 1 contains Captains Yacht), Storage Rooms, Multi-purpose Rooms

Deck 19: Recreational

Starlounge (eatery and social room, has an unobstructed panoramic view of the starline in front of the ship, can hold 350 people), Holodecks 7 & 8, Gymnasium complex, Conference Rooms 12-14 (smaller, multi-purpose), Counsellors Office.

Deck 20: Residential

Mainly Junior Crew Quarters, General Science labs, Three miniature Holodecks (limited functions, for personal crew use), several small lounges and eateries

Deck 21: Residential

Junior Crew Quarters, Non-denominational chapel, Library, several small lounges and eateries.

Deck 22-23: Engineering

(NB - core extends all the way up the ship), CEO Office, Inertial Damping system, Deuterium Storage, Impulse Engineering, Interdiction System (INDS - see Special Features)

Deck 24: Systems

Anti-matter Storage pods, Short range sensor array, Warp drive reaction core injectors, Main power transformers, Primary Shield Generators

Deck 25: Systems

Water Storage, Deflector grid generators, Sensor subsystems Tractor beam emitters, Waste recycling, replication subsystems

Deck 26: Systems

Computer Power monitoring core, Consumables storage, Navigational Signal Processing, auxiliary shield generators, Structural Integrity Field systems, Computer Core (extends down to deck 29)

Deck 27: Systems

Main computer core, Navigational Deflector array (extends down to deck 28), Primary life support systems, EPS support systems, Tachyon Sensor system, emitters and subsystems - see Special Features

Deck 28: Systems

Auxiliary life support, bottom of computer core and navigational deflector array, long range sensor array, sensor subsystems, Sub-space and Tactical sensor jamming emitters and subsystems

Deck 29: Systems

Deflector dish, deflector field emitter, main deflector power conditioner, launcher gas generator, deflector signal processing, Probe storage and launchers.

Deck 30: Systems

Two Nacelle rooms, Cargo bay 11 & 12 (storage and specimen collection - critical storage, easily ejected), Warp core jettison hatch, anti-matter jettison hatch

NB - The following are located all over the vessel: Escape Pods, Emergency Response Stations, emergency transporters, life support auxiliary generators, backup generators, multi-purpose rooms.