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Four Letter Code HNGR
Federation Status Hostile
Planet of Origin Unknown
Encountered EMB: "The Haunting"
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level WR
List of Named Hungers

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Class 1 Priority Alert

Starfleet Intelligence has designated this species a

Class 1 Priority

The Hunger are an ancient hostile species that presumably existed at the dawn of the universe.

Basic information


The name "the Hunger" is provided by an ancient species that existed at the dawn of the universe and who warned of their return through many different species and texts. Though these ancient beings, the Yeltan, no longer exist, the threat they warned of came to fruition in 2391, when an exacavation on Duronis II discovered an ancient temple buried deep in the Quentisi mountain range uncovered the hyper-advanced race of the Yeltan. Though the Federation away team that was assisting Doctor Kavlin Basai was forced to face the temple's defenses, they were able to discover a crystalline data cube of the species still intact.

This data cube contained information on the Hunger and the existential threat they pose. The data provided explained that the Yeltan and the Hunger were two hyper advanced societies that reached the epitome of their evolution. Their reality was suffering from the Big Bang’s opposite, the Big Crunch. The Hunger had become the epitome of bio organic evolution while the Yeltan reached the heights of mechanical and technological abilities. As the universe began to shrink, both races developed the technology to instantaneously transport their star systems out of reality for a moment and timed it so their worlds reappeared as the big bang began to expand again.

In a desperate move to save the next evolution of species, the pulse of the Yeltans was detonated first, sacrificing most of their population, but the few nanoseconds before the Hunger activated theirs allowed them to shift the location of the Hunger home-world to the farthest edges of the known universe.


The Hunger do not function on any form of government that would be recognized by most sapient life. They do have an order of precedence with hunger-lings at the bottom of the list followed by arc-plagues, and at the top, Dominators.


A single member of the species is about the size of a Terran, but can be considerable shorter or longer dependent on what they have been mutated to be. They could be small scuttlers that are only 2 feet in length to large juggernauts with sharp blades for hands. What they have in common is their skin is milky white, almost translucent, pure black eyes, and a mouth full of small razor teeth.

There are six subspecies of The Hunger, all considered to be part of a caste system;

When a specific caste is decimated, a member of any hunger caste is able to mutate itself in to the needed replacement if it consumes the correct amount of bio-matter. This way, they cannot be decapitated if their Dominator caste is killed. The intelligence level is dependent on caste, but only the Scuttlers are mindless and unable to mutate to a higher caste.


The Hunger is a psionic based species that create a fear response in many alien humanoids. Psionic species in particular are significantly more susceptible to the paralyzing fear, though there are reports from a future USS Victory that suggest that strong-willed individuals can resist for short periods of time.

In comparison, the Laudeans seem immune to the Hunger's capability, their DNA suggested to have been altered thousands of years earlier by the Yeltans to provide them a stronger chance against the treat of the Hunger.


There is not much known about the psychology of the Hunger except that their opinion of any other race is that they serve as food for the body of the species. Though most of the species has not been encountered and their information distilled from ancient Yeltan records and the Duronis Data Cube.




Completely organic and blended with their organic technology, to know where one of the members of society begins and their technology ends is a very fine line. The Hunger's DNA is a highly complex and targeted set of sequences that allows them a strong adaptation to their environment. In ways, they can be considered the epitome of the evolution of an organic predator.





The Hunger have known to launch bio-organic vessels of different sizes and they are documented here to put them in to perspective against known Federation designs. Armed with high yield meson beams and torpedoes [1], present Federation technology has yet to find a decent defense against it. They're ships are almost imprenetrable due to an advanced form of metaphasic shielding [2].The Scavanger Class Frigate is a common and smallest of the Hunger vessels equipped with a type of high yield phaser that Federation ships have had a hard to deflecting. They are roughly the same size as an Intrepid class starship. The next step up and around the size of a Excelsior class is the Infestor Destroyer and shows that their primary purpose is to attach and flood an enemy vessel with hunger-lings and skuttlers.

The Consumer class dreadnought was only seen on record in the middle of major engagements with enemy fleets and is about the same size as a Borg Cube. The largest vessel seen was the World Eater, equivalent to the size of Earth's moon Luna and shown to land on planets and absorb the life force of the world and unleash their horde among the populace[3].

Starfleet Intelligence Files

The Hunger have only been encountered once in our reality as they were attempting to come through an ancient gateway that connected to outside the great energy barrier that surrounds our galaxy. This portal was shut down and destroyed by a future version of Captain Sundassa Faranster to keep them from entering[4]. Their reality was destroyed by the Hunger as they have now been reported outside the energy barrier and unable to get in.

Their other encounter was in another parallel universe where the USS Thunder was pulled in through a anomaly and they witnessed the birth of a Hunger vessel from inside a star[5].



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