House of Iatys

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The House of Tagge was a family of wealthy Valcarian nobles centralized on Dinemma. Its progenitor is said to have been one of the original Founders of the Valcarian Republic thousands of years ago. This Founder's name has not been established, but since the capital city of Dinemma is named Unlos Iatys, it is possible - but not certain - that this is his name and that the city could have been named in his honor.

The head of the family holds the rank either of baron or baroness, depending on the gender. An official complete list of the heads of House Iatys does not exist, but three have been established. Autlina Iatys was head of the house in the period leading up to the Vodran War, but there is no indication as to when she ascended to this position. Her oldest son, Meeco Iatys, became baron and head of the family early in the War, at the age of seventeen, and this is likely to have occurred on his mother's death. Meeco became incapacitated 20 years later, and died later that same year, so the position was passed to the youngest son, Faito Iatys.

The House of Iatys owns and operates the IatysCo corporation, as well as a private military of 5000 starships and one million soldiers. They supported the Valcarian Republic throughout the Vodran War (although did not offer the Republic the use of their paramilitary forces) and following the declaration of a New Order, are firm supporters of the Valcarian Empire.