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Dr. Mirren is the director of the Epsilon Program, a member of the Borg Defense Initiative and Project Voyager. She lives in the Avalon Sector, Deep Space 285.

Early in her cybernetics career, Mirren initiated a variety of independent projects and conducted a period of research at the Omnicron Theta cybernetics research colony before it's demise in 2336. Dr. Mirren's reputation is well-known in the interstellar cybernetics community. She is one of the few living experts on Soong-type androids to have studied with Dr. Soong. She has publicly stated she refuses to work outside the Federation.

Mirren's family ties date back to Ancient Earth before the Eugenics Wars. She is an expert on cybernetics and a prominent historian whose thesis was on Khan Noonien Singh and the exploits of James Kirk and U.S.S. Enterprise-A. She is under unique entry restrictions when traveling within the Imperial Klingon Empire. Since she is a special envoy, Starfleet has assigned her a security officer who doubles as her personal bodyguard should she be assigned to away missions. (See Alona Levine)