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USS Constitution-B
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Hanako "Hani" Kimura
Position Science Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 236701.01
Age 34
Birthplace TBD

Hanako Kimura is currently serving as a SCIENCE OFFICER aboard the USS Constitution-B.


  • Height: 5'6
  • Weight:
  • Hair: Long and Black (usually worn in a braid while on duty)
  • Eyes: Grey/blue
  • Build: Athletic/slight


  • Father: ‘Ben’ Toshiro Kimura (Age: 56)
  • Mother (deceased): Mitsuko Kimura
  • Sister: Aiko Kimura (27) – although blind since birth though servinng with SF as a nurse/ship’s counsellor.


  • Ex-husband XO/1st Officer James “Jack” O’Connell (Age: 27) [OOC: whereabouts tbc]


Hanako Kimura is of Earth/Japanese origin and this is obvious in her looks with elfin sino-japanese features such as a lack of epicanthic folds in her eyelids etc. She is delicately featured with high cheekbones and lightly tanned skin and wears minimal or no make-up. Her hair is black and rarely cut so, when not bound, braided or tied, hangs to the middle of her back. Her looks may be described as striking rather than beautiful. Despite her size and slight build she keeps herself fit with regular exercise and is considerably stronger than she looks and is trained in some martial arts though this is more for fitness than combat.

Personality Overview

Unlike the old traditional view of Japanese women (i.e. seen and not heard/subservient etc.) Hanako tends to be the opposite though she does remain ultra-polite in most situations and keeps a tight rein on her fire-brand temper. Despite this she is still quite out-spoken, with some set opinions and views and likes an honest argument (indeed relishes them!).

She is highly intelligent, well-motivated with good hand-eye coordination and an excellent eye for the minutiae detail. She can often seem to shut people out or appear to look straight through them when she is concentrating on a problem that eludes her.

Overall Hanako is a very self-sufficient person and, at times, can be seen by others as not a “team player” kind of person though this is usually because she is very confident (perhaps over confident at times) of her own skill-set and abilities and being able to “get by” with minimal assistance.

She can also appear pushy as she is well-driven when she sets her aim at a goal in her career or personal life and can be downright stubborn and pig-headed at times.

Skills set/experience

Hanako is a pure scientist at heart though with an interest in engineering and mechanics. Her specialty is in xeno-systems and esoteric alien weaponry though she has studied various alien technologies and history (specialising on Vulcan and Romulan… so much so that she learned their languages and writing systems). Though, to be of use on any star ship, she has also been technically been self-trained and privately tutored at her own expense in most ship-systems and transporters (aided by her near photo-graphic memory)
Languages:Japanese, English, Romulan, Vulcan


  • History both Earth cultures, Romulan, Vulcan and others.
  • The art of manicuring Bonsai trees.
  • Keep-fit (runs a lot!)
  • Martial Arts (to aid keep fit)
  • Book-worm on numerous subjects (though more technical than classics/literature)
  • The classic films of Akira Kurusowa


  • Likes outlandish/alien food and will try anything (at least once)
  • Dislikes pushy men or over-self-confident individuals (even though she is one herself!)
  • Likes an argument/talking in general.
  • Dislikes dogs loves cats.


Hanako Kimura was born in Sapporo, on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido in a more-or-less traditional Japanese family and, from an early age, was always called “Hani” by school friends and family. She excelled in her school studies, especially in the sciences, history and languages. She was very close to her grandfather who died when she was twelve and gained much of her personal interests from him.

Unlike many other girls Hani was always tinkering and playing around with machinery or fixing household appliances and could usually be found covered in oil and dirt… she was thought, wrongly, as something of a tomboyy in school.

Hanako followed the traditional flow of school, college and university… though course this was broken when she met Jack O’Connell, a young flight cadet who was taking a year out of training to tour the world and was volunteering in the Akan National Park (Northern Hokkaido). As usual Hani ignored the sound advice of her father and her sister, Aiko,(her mother having died when she was young) and a whirlwind romance was followed by a frowned upon hasty engagement and then the young couple eloped to America to get married (at the time Hanako was 21).

The marriage was not a happy one as Jack O’Connell discovered he had a firebrand of a wife, with set ideas of her own who would not be content being a “stay at home” housewife while he set his cap at a life of adventure amid the stars with Starfleet. Arguments soon turned to an acrimonious split as Hani went back to college to finish her studies in San Francisco (though, by this time, she had also gained an interest in Starfleet and had decided to go to the Academy once her own academic studies were concluded).

She returned briefly to Japan to reconcile with her father before leaving for the Academy…

Academy Studies

  • Starfleet Engineering School
  • Majoring in Engineering (material engineering)
  • Then decided to diversified into the sciences (using her existing credits from her college studies/degree in Linguistics and Xenology)

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class (Stardate you completed your Academy Class) Graduated Starfleet Academy (Duty Post you Graduated as)
STO Ensign Blue.jpg
Ensign 239207.27 - current USS Constitution-B Science Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Year or Stardate
Starfleet Academy
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