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SCV Ascended Codex
Position Commanding Officer
Rank Captain
Species Sheliak
Gender Neutral
DOB 2341
Age 58
Birthplace Shelia
Writer ID A238803E10


“This is our space. That is your only concern here.”

Captain Grettze to Captain Shayne.

Captain Grettze is the Commanding Officer of the Sheliak Vessel SCV Ascended Codex, the ship which attacked Theta 122 during the Sheliak Blockade of the Planet in 2398.


  • Full Name: Grettze
  • Race: Sheliak
  • Place of Birth: Shelia
  • Birth date: 2341
  • Age: 57
  • Gender: Neutral
  • Telepathic status: Unknown


  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 97kg
  • Appearance: Amorphous, stony, slimy
  • Voice: Deep and baritone.
  • Handedness: Right

Personal History

Captain Grettze is the commanding officer of the SCV Ascended Codex, the Sheliak vessel sent to Theta 122 in the Sheliak Blockade of the planet in 2398. It's mission was secret, or at least unknown to Starfleet at the time, but a rogue action by it's Chief Scientist - Ergaholz - caused the ship to fire an energy weapon at the planet. The attack was not authorized by Grettze, and the CO and Chief Scientist had a confrontation on board the ship.

Soon after, Ergaholz took a shuttle craft and made a rendezvous with the USS Arrow. Realizing the scientists betrayal, Grettze ordered the Codex to withdraw from the planet, and took his own shuttle to warn the Federation of Ergaholz's seeming deception. Speaking with Lieutenant Junior Grade Chloe Waters - temporarily in command of the bridge while Shayne met with Ergaholz in shuttle bay 1 - Grettze demanded a full honour guard for his reception in shuttle bay 2.

He demanded the return of Ergaholz to be tried for treason by the Corporate, but quickly left the Arrow after it was clear Commander Shayne would not grant his demands. He worked in secret with his ship to disable the Iconian Gateway on the planet, but realized Starfleet were working to help the Iconian. When the Gateway powered up thanks to Father Morgan's sacrifice, the Iconian left Theta 122. Grettze instructed his landing party to transport the remaining members of the Brotherhood to his ship - to be exchanged with the Federation for the return of Ergaholz's shuttle craft.

At the end of the mission, the Arrow prepared to return the ship in exchange for the cult members, and the ship received a coded message from Starbase 821 that a temporary truce had been signed between The Federation and The Sheliak Corporate. The Sheliak claimed Theta 122.

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