Grauro Zekyel

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Grauro Veryen Zekyel
Character Type Primary Character
Biographical Information
Homeworld Risa
Born 235907.07
Died 238412.11
Physical Description
Species Risian/Terran
Gender Male
Height 1.94m
Weight 80 kg
Build light muscular
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Federation citizen
Job Description Engineering Officer
Rank Ensign
Group Discovery-B

Ensign Grauro Zekyel, a Risian/Terran hybrid, was currently an engineering officer aboard the USS Discovery-B. until his exposure of his past, Grauro seeing no hope went and committed suicide.



  • Height: 6'5"
  • Weight: 176lbs
  • Hair Color: dark brown
  • Length of Hair: short to medium
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Tanned/olive skin
  • Scars: on the left knee, a white scar of tissue along the left eye.
  • Build: wide chest, muscluar abdomen, Slim-lean cut.
  • Face: round-oval, slightly prominent jaw line, very symmetrical.
  • Eyes: round eyes
  • Mouth: wide mouth which seems to be set in a grin even when the face is totally relaxed
  • Legs: long-legged
  • Carriage: brisk, Steatlh-like, in a linear direction.
  • Poses: variances. mainly hands clasped together just in front of the abdomen. usually holds PADD/tri corder in left hand.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Robes
  • Shoes: usually black leather, Designer brand.
  • Voice: often low with a slow and deliberate speech

rate, often said “chocolate for the ears”

  • Handedness: right.


  • Quarters:
  • Favorite Room:
  • Mannerisms: does apologize often, tries to avoid conversation if doesn't know you,
  • Physical Limitations: though muscular, Grauro isn't capable of trowing a hefty or strong punch. hand-eye cordination is terrible, so is judgement.
  • Temperment: Cool, calm collected, focused, shrewd,

cautious, intuitive, imaginative, sympathetic, protective, indecisive, etc. list continues

  • Habits: prefers to be in very dimly lit rooms, usually a bedside lamp
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: none of yet. Highly unlikely as well.


Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Cooking
    • Italian
    • Risian delicacies
    • cakes & desserts
    • Western food
    • Some Oriental
  • Holoball (no longer plays)
  • Barokie
    • Grauro is very fond of Trigonometry, and therefore likes this game as it challenges his trigonomety knowledge
  • Kal-Toh
    • Grauro Will play the game, though, his stratergy includes some logic, and mainly dumb luck which, which he usually has enough to play to a good degree, usually never the one to complete it, but good at getting most of it.
  • Kotra

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes

Ambitions and Goals

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Introductory information about family.

  • Father: James Tomasson (233811.23)

James Tommasson was a Terran, whom was a poet.

  • Mother: Bryna Zekyel (234107.17)

Bryna Zekyel is a Risian, who eventually took over her families Hotel resort on Risa.

  • Siblings: Lleuyn Zekyel[trill,adopted](


  • Marital Status: single



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Personal History

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  1. 235907.07: Grauro born in Risa
  2. 237111.xx: sereve keratoconus causes blindness, wears ocular implants
  3. 237408.14: receives schlorship to Sol III to study Warp,Transporter theory, and Computer science
  4. 237607.31:Returns to Risa
  5. 237709.11: Left Risa for self-explorations
  6. 237801.01: did a degree on Computer Science on Cardassia Prime


  • Schlorship
    • Warp theory
    • Transporter Theory
    • Computer Science
  • Degrees
    • Computer Science(4 years)
      • Quantum Mechanics(2 years)
      • Biological Technology (2 years)

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238407.14
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Current Assignment:
    • USS Discovery-B
  • Duty Post: Engineer
    • USS Discovery-B: Engineering Officer

Awards & Commendations

None as yet.

StarFleet Assessments and Records

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  1. 238407.14: Graduated in the academy
  2. 238407.16: Assigned to USS Discovery-B

Past Assignments

  • USS Centris (238407.09) Zekyel during his academic time, had the chance and opportunity to fly the holosimulation of the USS Centris, a Nova-class starship.

Working Areas

  • Engineering Room


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