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((Engineering: USS Discovery-B))

ZEKYEL: they really have no patience do they?

VANNINI: :: shaking his head :: You will get used to it...

::There was silence. Some engineers were lying on the floor, Grauro looked around to notice some of them had bruises, then Grauro had spotted the glamorous Vargas lying on the floor, and left Vannini before he could finish the sentence. Zekyel crouched down at the side of Vargas he noticed the bruise on her cheek

ZEKYEL: ::shaking her a little:: Karla… oO be more formal Grauro Oo Ms. Vargas wake up…

VANNINI': Karla, are you alright?

VARGAS: :: blinking furiously :: Wow! That was some trip, eh? I still see sparks...

::Grauro helped Karla to get back on her feet, while other crew members were doing the same to her fallen comrades, when the captain’s voice chirped over the combadge::

WALTAS: =/\= Waltas to Engineering. Well done, gentlemen. We're home. Disengage the shielding and put us back to normal power consumption. =/\=

VANNINI: =/\= Aye sir... and thank you =/\=

ZEKYEL: =/\= Thank you sir =/\=

::Before the engineers did anything, a thunderous roar bellowed thoughout the entire chamber of engineering, so many engineers we’re energized about not just arriving home, but returning to their timeline. The greatest moral boost was supplied,, and it wasn’t long till everyone did their last orders, a vibrant buzz was in the atmosphere as they we’re all talking about shore leave, what thy we’re going to do. Some crewman were taking up the courage in themselves to ask fellow colleagues out for dates. Grauro and Julio headed over to put the shields back the way they were

ZEKYEL: Sir, what are you doing for shore leave?

VANNINI: Well... I think I will take the children to main land. It's been too much for them and I'm sure their mother is awaiting for them :: sighing ::

ZEKYEL: I have no family, or friends on earth, sir. Actually to be honest being back at the present I feel lost now. I think I got used to being on that constitution class, I think you were right lieutenant. Do you think it’s too late to apologize to George, about my senile remarks?

VANNINI: Senile remarks? :: placing a hand over one of Zekyel's shoulders :: I don't blame you Grauro. All of us were under heavy pressure. May their souls be resting in peace.

ZEKYEL: I think I understand now, why you and Eskyys, was so ecstatic about being on that ship now. It may have not been the greatest most powerful ship, but it had something, like a spirit. I don’t sir I feel kind of empty.

VANNINI: Yes, she had spirit. And I'm sure you do have yours. :: patting Grauro on the back and then addressing to the crew:: Congratulations for an excellent job! Now let's get this ship back on line... I want stations and damage reports!

::Vannini, and the young Risian hybrid set everything back to default, Grauro felt very gloom and sad amongst the thrilled crowd, he had no one to go home to, he had no home on earth, no family he knew of, and then it dawned on him. He had accidentally told Eskyys about his past affiliation, once the captain knew, that was enough for imprisonment right there. The young lanky ensign departed the engineering room, and was heading to his quarters, but before he could depart Julio managed to grab him.

VANNINI: Is something wrong, Zekyel?

ZEKYEL: I think I should have stayed on board the Constellation

VANNINI: Why do you say that, Zekyel? You, I, belong to this time and place... not the past.

ZEKYEL: I have nothing here; once Eskyys reports my past history I guess I will face incarceration.

VANNINI: There are lots of things and procedures to perform before a trial... if you are referring to that.

ZEKYEL: I prefer not to talk about it, Sir.

::Grauro left the room before anyone else did, the captain’s voice enchanted throughout the entire decks about they’re arrival. Another phenomenal scream of joy and celebration came behind the engineering doors.

ZEKYEL: oO While everyone else can be looking forward to meet family and friends have fantastic holidays, I could be looking at a nice cold steel cell… Oo

::The spiritless soul headed to his quarters his voice felt dry and rather husk all of a sudden, his eyes felt like they could stream a river full of tears. Grauro wished he had actually made the time to enjoy his visit to the past, he was disgraced in himself for wasting a once in a lifetime opportunity, something your academy cadets would dream of, and here was one cynical cold humanoid who wasted a good opportunity he could have embraced, instead of remarking how shocking everything was in that time period. Grauro was wondering where did that red shirt go to that he was wearing that would now be his most prized memorial. The young Risian was definitely looking forward to his shore leave...::


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