Gorkon Technical Overview

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Sovereign patch.png
  • Name: USS Gorkon
  • Class: Sovereign
  • Registration: NCC-82293
  • Type: Explorer
  • Production Base: ASDB Integration Facility, San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth
  • Commissioned: 2392
  • Motto: "wa' Dol nIvDaq matay'DI' maQap.", translation: "We succeed together in a greater whole." ~ Klingon Proverb

Sovereign class.jpg

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 685m
  • Beam: 251m
  • Height: 88m
  • Mass: 3,205,000t
  • Hull: Heavy Duranium/Tritanium double hull
  • Armour: 10 cm Ablative.
  • Decks: 24

Crew Complement

  • Officers: 98
  • Enlisted: 507
  • Total: 605
  • Maximum guest complement: 250
  • Maximum evacuation capacity: 4000

Computer Systems

  • Hardware: Bioneural circuitry
  • Operating System: Library Computer Access and Retrieval System (LCARS)

Propulsion Systems

  • Impulse: Two PS-204 Terminal Velocity Impulse Units
  • Warp: OR-400 Series Mark V, consisting of one 4,000+ Cochrane M/ARA
    • Standard Cruise Speed: 12.0 (Recalibrated Cochrane Unit scale)/9.95 (previous Modified Cochrane Unit scale)
    • Maximum Sustainable Cruise Speed: 14.0 (RCU)/9.985+ (MCU)
    • Maximum Speed: 15.0 (RCU)/9.99+ (MCU), for a maximum of 12 hours
  • Quantum Slipstream: General Dynamics Class One Quantum Slipstream Drive

Tactical Systems

  • Phasers: Sixteen Type-XII collimated phaser arrays
  • Torpedoes: One rapid fire torpedo tube, four Type IV burst fire torpedo tubes, four standard torpedo tubes.
  • Deflector Shields: 30 auto-modulating, regenerative shield grids.
  • Tractor Beams: One tractor beam emitter, ventral saucer section.

Scientific Systems

  • Probes: Launched through the torpedo system, a wide variety of probes and buoys are held on standby for deployment, with additional patterns available for replication.
  • Sensors: 65 modular sensor pallets, with the default load-out providing full coverage in all standard scientific fields. Additional pallets are stored in a dedicated area near the shuttlebays, and can be interchanged by any one of the ship's workbees.
  • Laboratories: Stellar cartography, astrometrics, plus an additional 40 science laboratories split between multipurpose labs, space and planetary sciences, life sciences, physical sciences and social sciences.

Crew Support Systems

  • Medical: Two sickbays. Primary sickbay in saucer section, consisting of six standard and one advanced biobed, one Mark IV Emergency Medical Hologram, Chief Medical Officer's office and pathology laboratory. Secondary sickbay in engineering section consisting of three standard biobeds and one advanced biobed. Additional medical facilities include an intensive-care unit (ICU), surgical suite, biohazard support, critical care, morgue and a counselling suite.
  • Recreational: Captain's dining room, wardroom, crew lounge, mess hall, gymnasium, 10 holodecks, plus additional multi-purpose rooms.

Transporter Systems

  • Personnel: 6 transporter rooms with a 6 man capacity per transporter.
  • Cargo: 8 cargo transporters, reconfigurable to quantum level for emergency evacuation.

Auxiliary Spacecraft Systems

  • Captain's Yacht: USS Azetbur
  • Shuttlebays: Two. Primary bay is located on the dorsal stern of the primary hull, the secondary bay on the aft portion of the engineering hull.
  • Runabouts: Yellowstone class (2) -- USS Kahnrah, USS Kerla
  • Long Range Shuttles: Type XI Shuttle (4)
  • Short Range Shuttles: Type IX Shuttle (6)
  • Cargo Management Units: Workbee (4)
  • Emergency Evacuation Systems: Type VIII Autonomous Survival and Recovery Vehicles (lifepods)