Gilnan Ch'dargon

“On the first day of Christmas, Mr. Mud gave to me, one fluffy tribble... wait two... no four... no... stop the recording! Stop the recording! This song is ruined!" -Chloe Waters, 239601.14”

Ensign Gilnan Ch'dargon
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Full Name: Gilnan Ch'dargon
Current Posting: Steller Cartogrophy Technition
Current Assignment: USS Montreal
Species: Andorian
Telepathic Status: T0/E0
Gender: Male (Thaan)
Age: 54
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 200lbs
Build: Thin
Hair Color: White
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Grey
Place of Birth: Andoria
Marital Status: Single

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Professional History

Gilanan loves his family greatly and respects their laws to the fullest. As soon as he was of age he set off to the Starfleet Academy to begin his career. After graduating he was assigned a fine post aboard the USS Montreal

Personal History

Gilnan was destined to join Starfleet, not because of his desire or talent but because of his birth. Gilnan was born into the 'Dargon' Keth (Clan) and this clans specialty was Knowledge. The Dargon Keth is a fairly new family clan born from two smaller clans. In Gilman's family, religion is a major aspect of life and their devotion to their specialty, the procurement, and cataloging of as much knowledge as possible in a lifetime is unwavering. In this family the sex of an individual dictates the fields of profession deemed acceptable to enter, anyone who wishes to deviate from this path is disowned from the Keth. A Thaan's spiritual element is Star and therefore any Thaan born into the family is expected to serve among the stars, acceptable options are fields of science, military, and Starfleet.



  • Parents:
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  • Siblings
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  • Spouse
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  • Children
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Gilnan is generally an easy going man, he enjoys jokes, games, and socializing. He has been known to become paranoid from time to time and like any Andorian if pushed just right he is quick to violence. His training in Starfleet coupled with the massive shame that would befall him in his clan should he fail as an officer keep his temperament down to a soft boil and he is more likely to storm out of a room than to lose control.

Gilnan is very straight forward and honest. In work settings, he is serious and demanding of his subordinates in their efforts and demeanor. In his off duty hours, he is a fun and outgoing man.

Physical Description

  • Build
    • Thin
  • Height
    • 6'6"
  • Weight
    • 180 lbs

Habit's and Abilities




As a Youth

As an Adult

Notes, and Trivia

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