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Commander Gero Speed was a Human male whom served aboard the USS Kodiak, Starbase 118 Ops, and the Daris Colony.

In 237506, he was assigned to Starbase 118 Ops as a science officer, where he served as a Lieutenant JG. He was later transferred to the Daris Colony, where he earned the rank of Lieutenant and was assigned as Chief Science Officer. He was reassigned to the Kodiak on stardate 237604.04 - and on stardate 237605.08, Speed began service as the Assistant Chief Engineer. He was promoted again to the ship's Chief Engineer on stardate 237606.08, and he remained as such until the Kodiak's decommissioning. He would then be transferred to the USS Kodiak-A.

Speed was awarded the rank of Lieutenant and the TOSMA II during his time on the Daris Colony, where he served as Chief Science Officer at some point during 2376. He was awarded the Barclay Bead in 2377 at the rank of Commander.