Gemini Mission Logs

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Dakota-icon1.gif       "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has
the courage to lose sight of the shore."

- André Gide

USS Gemini
Dakota Class
The USS Gemini

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Season 1

"In early 2391, the USS Gemini was commissioned by Starfleet under the command of Commander Liam Frost. Her mission to explore the Borderlands, protect Federation interests in the area and keep an ever watchful eye over the Klingon Empire."

Fear and loathing in the Borderlands | Sins of the Past | A Dish Best Served... | Filling the Void

Season 2

"2392. An incident at Prometheus Station located in the Menthar corridor threw the Alpha Quadrant onto disarray. The USS Gemini was seconded from the Borderlands to a task force under the command of Starfleet Sciences and Technologies. Her mission to investigate Prometheus Station and the anomalies created by the accident."

The Deafening Silence | To Be Continued