Sins of the Past (Gemini)

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Dakota-icon1.gif       "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has
the courage to lose sight of the shore."

- André Gide

USS Gemini
Dakota Class
The USS Gemini

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Sins of the Past

"During a resupply run to Starbase 224, the USS Gemini under the command of Commander Liam Frost receives a distress call from an unaligned planet ravaged by a deadly plague."

Mission location and Stardates

Rathos Prime, The Borderlands
239107.26 - 239110.03

Mission Data

  • Status update 239107.26
After battling the Klingons, the USS Gemini, NCC-80564, made its way back to StarBase 118 for repairs. While they were docked, the crew enjoyed their leave. The crew was all invited to a beach BBQ on one of the doctors’ was hosting. Captain Liam Frost attended the funeral of Fleet Captain Nicholotti, while LtCmdr T’Mar dealt with the unfortunate consequences of an overeager doctor running tests on her empathic abilities after she sent Ensign Braddock for testing due to his sudden onset of abilities. Both also received news of the destruction of their old ship, the USS Apollo. Once repairs were completed, the crew boarded the ship again and are now on their way to StarBase 224.

  • Status update 239108.05
Once repairs were completed, the USS Gemini, NCC-80564, left StarBase 118 and headed to StarBase 224 for a routine resupply run.

Meanwhile, Commander Liam Frost received urgent news: The people of Rathos Prime, a warp-capable society that traded with – but never joined – the Federation, were being plagued by an aggressive virus that was decimating the population. The leaders of Rathos Prime had reached out to the Federation for humanitarian aid before this pathogen infected and killed them all.

Knowing time was short, Frost gave the order to head directly there and called a briefing where the Senior Staff could establish a plan of action. Without knowing more about the pathogen, other than it was continuously mutating and always lethal, the staff had their work cut out for them. Thankfully, when they were about four hours away, the Commander of the Rathosian Armada, Lord Commander Tyrek Zim, contacted them and began transmitting all known data on the pathogen. First Minister Arvin Zagan and Doctor Jorgen Layvim also contacted the Gemini to help the Gemini’s crew start working on a solution, however it left many wondering more about the source of the pathogen and if there was more to this problem than the Rathosian’s were letting on. When they arrived at Rathos Prime, it was determined that T’Mar would lead a team to the surface utilizing the ship’s mobile lab.

  • Status update 239109.18
After the USS Gemini, NCC-80564, arrived at Rathos Prime, Commander Liam Frost approved a team to set up a mobile lab on the planet’s surface. The team, led by Lieutenant Commander T’Mar, arrived safely and began working on finding a cure. With news of the Federation assistance spreading, locals began rioting in the capital city. Concerned, Frost checked in with T’Mar and the team to stay alert. Major Ben Edwards, in charge of Security, then received an alarm that something or someone was approaching their position.

Meanwhile, on the Gemini, the crew continued their work as well and found increasing evidence that the pathogen was man-made. Also learning of the perimeter breach, Frost reached out to Rathosian authorities. To make the situation worse, some of the group that had approached the away team’s lab became increasingly violent, attacking the shuttle and the lab itself. While obviously a threat, the situation was made even worse when Lieutenant Driscoll accidentally infected herself with the lethal virus. The away team scrambled to secure the situation, while the Gemini prepared to fire a warning shot on the surface.

As more violent locals headed to the area, T’Mar allowed Lieutenant Commander Oliver Weston to separate from the group to secure the shuttle only for him to find that the shuttle had been grounded and he was pinned down. With the situation escalating and Driscoll infected, it is up to the crew of the Gemini to find a way to calm the riots and find a cure or risk violating protocols to beam the team to safety.

  • Status update 239110.03
Tensions began rising as the USS Gemini, NCC-80564, led by Commander Liam Frost, remained in orbit of Rathos Prime. On the surface of the planet, the Away team found themselves surrounded by rioting civilians. Unfortunately, one of the attacks on the Mobile Lab resulted in Lieutenant junior grade Vanessa Driscoll becoming infected with the very pathogen that the team was there to cure. Frost was forced to fire on the planet, causing the rioters to scatter. With the situation on the surface calmed for the moment, the Rathosian government sent one of their research scientists to assist with the work for a cure. Lieutenant Commander T'Mar led the group, along with the new guest, into the lab to get to work. It was not long, however, before the Rathosians were back... this time in larger numbers. At the same time, the Gemini's medical team determined they were unable to find a cure in time to save any of the population. The only solution, discovered by doctor Victor Frankenstein, was to infect the population with Malo Lupo. The disease appeared to counter the effects of the pathogen, but not without it's own unpleasant side effects. Learning of the degrading situation on the surface, Frost made the call to pull out... a decision made all the more difficult by the fact that Driscoll would have to remain behind. T'Mar tasked Blair and Weston with securing the warp core of the runabout, who took it upon themselves to beam her to a safer location. With their sensitive equipment secure, the team minus Driscoll were beamed aboard Gemini and began decontamination while the crew mourned the loss of their science officer.
  • Status update 239110.22
In the wake of the mission, Ensigns Svalasdottir, Armstrong, Malik and Kingston rejoined the Gemini while it was still orbiting Rathos Prime, and endeavoured to find their place among the still-mourning crew. Braddock and Riel were promoted to the rank of Lieutenants Junior Grade, Braddock becoming the new Chief Tactical Officer of the ship. After a few choice words to Blair and Weston for breaking the rules for Driscoll's sake, Commander Frost decided not to punish them, and ordered the Gemini to set course for Starbase 224, leaving Rathos Prime and its population behind them. The Malo Lupo may have bought the Rathosians a bit more time to find a cure, but their fate remained bleak at best.