Ga'ter Inner Asteroid Belt

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Ga'ter Sector
Valeria Sector
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  • they orbit there star at approximately 388 to 402 million km
  • these asteroids are S-Type asteroids and have a stony, iron composition
  • see Asteroid Data for more information


  • some heavy and industrial metals in low quality and limited amounts


The Ga'teran people have a large mobile asteroid mining platform that moves around the field from one place to another. Even with the low quality and limited amount of metals to be found within this asteroid field they seem to be able to produce enough to make keeping it in operation viable.

Part of that may be becouse it is also used as a training location. Another more likely reason is becouse the Ga'teran people are so bull headed they refuse to give up what they consider their territory regardless of outside factors like practicallity and monitary expenditures.

Mining Platform

This was the first permanent space facility constructed by the Ga'teran's. Even now over 100 years later it is still in use. It is also the largest station they currently have in use.

It has over 27 levels, and was built in pieces. When it comes time to move it to a new location it can be seperated into 5 different sections and then manovered slowly and carefully to its new location.

It usually has a crew of approximately 500 but can house up to almost 1,000 for a limited time. It also has 5 different types of small support craft assigned to it. These craft are 1) prospector (they have 4 of these), 2) tug (they have 8 of these), 3) mining (they have 13 of these), 4) repair (they have 4 of these) and 5)messanger (they have 2 of these)