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Ga'ter system Star  · I  · II  · III  · IV  · Belt I  · Belt II

This planet is part of the Ga'ter star system.


  • it's orbit is approximately 87 million km from it's star
  • a class M planet with a diameter of 12,035 km (7,522 miles).
  • a density of 6.1 and a gravity of 1.05 G's
  • an axial tilt of 28%
  • seasonal variations are equal to terran norm
  • daytime temperatures are on average between 38C and 49C, while the night time temperatures can drop to 12C to 27C
  • surface water covers 40% of the planets surface
  • humidity is 43%
  • a dense atmosphere with a pressure of about 1.23 earth normal, with nitrogen 65%, oxygen 26% and other gas's 9%
  • with a year of 284 days, each day 18 hours long
  • primary terrain features are swamp 30% and jungle 30%


This planet has plenty of organic material as well as heavy, industrial and light metals. However gems, crystals, radioactives and rare metals are scarce and hard to find.


They are a violent race that before they learned they were not the only race in the galaxy almost destroyed themselves. Wars eliminated large portions of their population and threatened to continue until they wiped themselves out.

Then an alien craft in mechanical trouble was forced to land. The Ga'teran's attacked and killed them. Then they took the craft apart and used the knowledge they learned to force their technology to make amazing leaps and bounds almost over night.

They were also forced to make radical changes in their society. Change their whole outlook on violence and it's importance in their society.


The homeworld of the Ga'terans is a planet with heavy and frequent rains. About 40% of its surface mass is water. Another 30% of its surface mass is marsh or swamp and the final 30% was jungle. The swamps and seas provide most of their food supplies.

Their are only 2 major cities, one on each of the major continents. Adillee is on the largest continent and is the major port of call by off worlders. Crindoo is the other major city on the smaller continent. There are a large number of islands and many smaller communities that dot the planets surface.

The waters are rich in sea life and it forms the staple of the Ga'teran diet. They also raise various forms of reptiles for meat. Most of the people learn to swim before they can walk.

While the Ga'teran people are a race prone to violence they have learned the folly of fighting wars among themselves. They will still fight and most battles are to the death but these conflicts are controlled with only a single set of warriors or very small teams fighting.


The Ga'teran people have a rotating central government that represents both the people and the tribes. It works in a fairly simple fashion. First of all each and every tribe regardless of size will send 1 representative to either the city of Adillee or Crindoo. Both cities have their place in the central government.

All the representatives will serve time on both councils. The military council is based in the city of Crindoo and the administrative council is based in the city of Adillee. The military council has 13 members plus any other reps not currently on a council who may advise or suggest issues but who have no say or vote in the final decision. The military council controls both the infantry and the space fleet. This includes recruitment, ship construction, military actions and control of all defeated slave races.

The administrative council in the city of Adillee also has 13 members plus any other reps not currently on a council who may advise or suggest issues but who have no say or vote in the final decision. This council controls tax's, declaration of war, interaction with other races not yet defeated by and controled by them. They also control colonization efforts and the merchant fleet which is used for trade with the other races.

Since every tribe provides 1 single representative to the government. A representative who will serve time on both councils so as to better represent both his tribe and the people. The order in which they serve on the 2 different councils is random. When ever a member of one of the councils steps down his replacement is randomly drawn from the list of representatives who have not yet served.

The length of each term of service will differ for each and ever representative. The length of each reps term is determined by the size of his tribe. The bigger the tribe the longer he will hold office dureing his turn on one of the councils. In order to determine this factor, the size of the tribe is divided by 1/2 a million. Any fractions are rounded up. So for any tribe that has less than 500,000 members they will only serve 1 month. There are over 30 tribes to which this applies. For some of the bigger tribes like the Adillee, their representative would serve for 41 months as they have just over 20 million tribe members.

Orbiting Stations

They have a large and a small shipyard in orbit. The large one is for building their new heavy cruisers. The small one is used to build their destroyer and frigate class warships.

They also have 3 large starbases, 1 is for the military, the next is a repair and military starbase and the 3rd is for commercial traffic.

Added to this are a number of cummunications, weather and defensive satalites.

Starfleet Intelligence Files

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