Felipe Valenciano

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USS Atlantis
Felipe Valenciano.png
Felipe Valenciano
Position Ship’s Counselor
Rank Ensign
Species El-Aurian
Gender Male
DOB 235806.10
Age 43
Birthplace Unknown
Writer ID A239702FV0
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Ensign Felipe Valenciano is currently serving as the Ship’s counselor aboard the USS Atlantis.


  • Height: 6’3”
  • Weight: 190 lbs.
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Hazel Green
  • Build: Ectomorph


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Felipe was found as a child in an escape pod that entered Federation territory from unclaimed space. He had been alone for several days and was nearly starved to death. Eventually he was brought to Earth, where he was adopted by Antonio and Lucretia Valenciano, Spanish farmers who raise Andalusian horses. Felipe thinks of himself as a true Spaniard, preferring late dinners, good company and dancing. He has always been grateful for the help he received, and devoted his life to helping others as a counselor.

After completing his Psychology education, including semesters on Vulcan and Betazed, he took a year off to decide how best to apply his skills, finally deciding on Starfleet, as they were the ones who found him. Although he is in his thirties and educated, he is a bit immature while off-duty. He would still be considered an adolescent among his native peoples.

His Andalusian mare, Corazon, is extremely dear to the El-Aurian and he found it as difficult to leave her as his adoptive parents. One of his favorite pastimes is to ride her late at night under the stars. He wears a bracelet made of her braided hair.

Being an El-Aurian, Felipe has an excellent memory and is a born listener. This has helped him immensely both as a counselor and in his budding quest to become a diplomat. He is able to see to the heart of an issue and look past all of the posturing and defensive behaviors.

In his spare time, Felipe enjoys reading history, cooking and social activities, especially dancing and music. He plays traditional Spanish Guitar. He aspires to make first contact with a new race, and then foster that relationship until they become members of the Federation.

Service History

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Cadet First Class 239702.17 Graduated Starfleet Academy Counselor
Ensign 239702.18 - Present USS Atlantis Counselor

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