Excalibur Sickbay

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The Excalibur is equipped with one massive, multiple care and treatment ward that is located on Deck 7 of the primary hull and contains 15 biobeds in the main treatment ward, a separate ICU unit with 3 biobeds, and 2 adjoining emergency surgical suites. A quarantine unit is located on the aft end of the main sickbay and is joined to the main room and the Chief Medical Officer’s office via a small waiting area.


Sickbay 3D.png

All Biobeds in the both sickbays are equipped with various sensors for monitoring a patient's vital signs. Inside the main surgical suite above the main surgical bed is a large and sophisticated sensor cluster has been installed on the ceiling to provide advanced scans of a patient to assist the medical care personnel in their duties.

Three medical labs, including one holosuite lab, along with the Counselor’s office, are located across the corridor from the main sickbay area.